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Discover new devices working as part of the MICRA system (433 MHz),
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holder for outdoor and curtain detectors.

INT-TSI + DAHUA door stations

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Functionality of the video intercom in the keypad.
From now on INT-TSI offers even more!

CONFX hardware configurator

New version now available!

  • Even more useful functions
  • Easier and faster designing
  • New appearance

ABAX 2 + Modbus RTU

Support for open communication protocol

Now you can easily integrate the ACU-220 and ACU-280 controllers
e.g. with automation or data acquisition systems.


KNX modules

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  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day


ABAX2 - logo


ABAX2 - applicability

Wireless security and comfort

The purpose of the ABAX 2 wireless system is to protect the premises – both the building and the area around it. This system can also be successfully used to implement building automation. Therefore, it provides a unique combination of security and comfort.

ABAX 2 is ideally suited as a wireless solution for alarm systems based on the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels. When used with these devices it gets its full functionality and offers its best possibilities to the users. Moreover, ABAX 2 can work together with any alarm control panel or automation controller, and, in certain cases, it can also operate in stand-alone mode.

Due to the use of encrypted, two-way radio communication, the ABAX 2 s ystem offers the level of protection that until recently has been available only in the traditional wired systems.

Advanced energy saving features enable long operation of battery-powered devices – up to 8 years without battery replacement, depending on configuration.

System ABAX 2

is perfect, if…

…you are too busy or reluctant to renovate

ABAX 2 is a fast, clean and non-invasive way to provide security.

…you change the interior design frequently

You can change the mounting location of wireless devices at any time, without affecting the efficiency of their operation.

System ABAX 2

is perfect, if…

… you still don't know what you will need in the future

With the ABAX 2 system you do not have to declare all the functions at once. You can expand your system by adding further devices – whenever you like.

System ABAX 2

is perfect, if…

…you value quality and pay attention to every detail

Devices working as part of the ABAX 2 system meet the requirements of security standards (EN 50131 Grade 2). Additionally, all SATEL brand products undergo a multi-stage quality control. We also make sure that the manufacturing process of our devices is carried out with high standards of environmental protection.

*Work without battery replacement for up to 8 years - in ECO mode, depending on the product and its working conditions.

System ABAX 2

is perfect, if…

… you expect solid and reliable solutions

Thanks to the built-in Energy management function, the battery-powered devices can work up to 8 years* without battery replacement.



  • Modern wireless solutions are as effective and reliable as traditional wired systems, but they are much easier to install.
  • Installation or expansion of the system is easy, fast and non-invasive. You do not have to lay out or mask any electrical wires, so you will avoid additional renovation work and take care of your home budget.
  • Advanced wireless solutions have special protection devices that effectively detect malfunctioning of the system as well as interference in communication between its components.
  • In the up-to-date wireless devices provided with the functions of effective energy management, the battery life can reach even several years. The system will inform you in advance when they must be replaced.
  • The latest technologies allow extremely flexible adjustment of the wireless security solutions to your needs, as well as convenient control of the home automation devices. Consequently, you feel safe and simultaneously take care of the environment by saving energy. Cutting down expenses is san additional benefit.

Wireless security and comfort


Your secure space

New premises

You want to give more space to your passions and to do so you have renovated and furnished an unused loft? You extended your house by adding a garage? Or maybe you have built a greenhouse to grow exotic plants? You are facing one more important task: you must secure your new premises by installing a new or extending the present alarm system. Installation of new devices (to be used as part of ABAX 2) will be extremely fast and easy. You will thus also avoid any unpleasant tasks connected with the possible renovation.

Last minute alarm

The annual leave is fast approaching, and you would like to additionally secure your home? Or maybe you have no alarm system yet? You have no time to deal with it: you are busy working and preparing for vacation that is just around the corner. It is still not too late – you will be able to relax peacefully! If you decide on the ABAX 2 wireless solutions, your installer will install, configure and run them in a very short time.

Always secure

Are you planning or making changes to the arrangement of your home or garden? Remember that any disturbance of the existing architectural layout may affect the so far reliable operation of your security alarm system. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the installer during each major renovation, rearrangement or redesign of the garden vegetation to check that your alarm system has not become vulnerable. This will allow you, if necessary, to quickly add some extra wireless devices to your system that will strengthen protection at key points.

See how the ABAX 2
system works

ABAX 2 wireless system

voice-over | 03:25

The purpose of the ABAX 2 wireless system is to protect the premises ‒ both the building and the area around it. This system can also be success-fully used for the implementation of building automation ... See the video

AES encryption

voice-over | 02:04

AES, or Advanced Encryption Algorithm, is one of the most secure data encryption standards. Using it in the ABAX 2 system ensures a high level of communication security ...
See the video

Four ABAX 2 communication channels

voice-over | 02:09

Do you know why communication between individual devices of the two-way wireless ABAX 2 system is so effective, fast and reliable? See the video

Higher security level, lower bills


When leaving your home hurriedly, do you sometimes forget to turn off the light in the room or bathroom? You can prevent this. The indor motion detectors APD-200, APMD-250 are also perfect for lighting control. When, at certain times of the day, they detect your presence in the given room, this information will be sent to the control panel, which will switch on the light. As soon as you go outside the detector range, the light will be turned off after a preset time. The external AOD-210 motion detector will help control the lighting around the house – selected lamps will only start when the device detects motion after dark.


Electrical equipment

The ability to automatically control devices connected to power outlets is helpful for efficient electric energy use. If you are able to switch off locally or remotely devices that are unnecessary at any given time, you will reduce the electricity consumption to the necessary minimum. Moreover, this function can prevent accidents from happening in some situations (e.g. when an electric iron is left switched on).



The AXD-200 universal detector can make your heating system operate more efficiently. If you use the device as a temperature detector, it will send information to the control panel that it is too cold in the room, which will start heating. When the temperature reaches the required value, the control panel will automatically turn off the heating system, or switch it to the eco mode when all households are not in the house. AXD-200 can also be used as a magnetic detector to be mounted on windows. When you open a window, the alarm panel will turn the heating off. In this way you will avoid situations in which heat "escapes" from your rooms.


Full and reliable protection


  • Outdoor protection

    Your premises will be protected by an outdoor dual technology motion detector AOD-210. High immunity to false alarms and adverse weather conditions increase the effectiveness of the device. Additionally, the built-in dusk sensor allows you to control the lighting around the house, e.g. to adjust it to the degree of cloudiness and time of day.

  • Perimeter protection

    To enhance the perimeter protection, you will find in our product range the curtain detector AOCD-260, which can be used to protect not only the area along the fence, but also the window line and entrances. Mount the glass-break detector AGD-200 on the windows. In addition, use the universal AXD-200 device, that can serve as a magnetic, vibration or reorientation detector.

  • Indoor protection

    The indoor protection against burglary is based on the PIR detector APD-200, which detects heat emitting objects. However, there are places (e.g. living room with a fireplace, boiler room, vestibule, garage), where the dual-tech detector APMD-250 will perform even better. It uses two detection technologies, hence it reacts not only to heat, but also to the movement of the object. APD-200 Pet has the pet immunity function, so that your dog can move freely around the partitions in which the system is armed.

  • Additional protection

    The ASD-200 smoke and heat indicator and the ASD-250 smoke detector (certified for compliance with EN 14604 standard for autonomous detectors) will react already to the first signs of fire. To detect flooding, you can use the AXD-200 universal detector.

  • Home automation

    To implement the building automation functions, you can use the ASW-200 (E/F) and ASW-210 wireless controllers, as well as the ACX-210 or ACX-220 expanders of wired zones and outputs. They allow you to control various devices, including those supplied from the 230 V AC mains (e.g. bedside lamp or roller shutter).

    Also the AXD-200 universal detector finds its use in home automation. It can be used to check the indoor air temperature and transmit this information to the control panel, which will control heating or air conditioning, so as to provide comfortable conditions for you.

ABAX 2 products


A wide range of ABAX 2 system devices includes indoor and outdoor motion detectors and sirens, as well as glass-break, smoke, flood and temperature detectors, drivers for implementation of smart home functions, and remote control keyfobs. Wireless keypads are also available for control of alarm systems based on the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels.








Wireless panic button

coming soon
ASW-200 (E/F)
ASW-200 (E/F)

Wireless controller 230 V AC

coming soon


Compatibility of ABAX 2 and ABAX system devices


When introducing a new wireless system, SATEL ensured backward compatibility – new devices can work together with the ABAX system controllers.

Interoperability between controllers and devices included in the ABAX 2 and ABAX systems looks as follows:

  • Only ABAX 2 system devices can log into the ABAX 2 system controllers. The ABAX devices can not log into the new controllers.
  • Devices of both ABAX 2 and ABAX systems can log into the ABAX system controllers. However, those being part of the new ABAX 2 system will not offer their full functionality then, e.g. radio transmission will only take place on one channel of the 868 MHz frequency band, and the maximum communication range will be 500 m in the open area.

Interoperability between devices within ABAX 2 and ABAX* systems

ABAX 2 system controllers


ABAX 2 system devices

  • full functionality of devices
  • communication in the 868 MHz frequency band - 4 channels
  • increased range in the open area
    • detectors, sirens and expanders - up to 2000 m
    • bidirectional keyfobs - up to 1200 m
    • keypads - up to 800 m
  • up to 8 years of uninterrupted operation of battery-powered devices without the need to replace batteries

ABAX system controllers


ABAX system devices

ABAX 2 system devices

  • limited functionality of ABAX 2 devices
  • communication in the 868 MHz frequency band - 1 channel
  • range - up to 500 m in the open area
  • no support for the ARU-200 radio signal repeater

*Detailed compatibility table for ABAX and ABAX 2 devices - click and download

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