Urządzenia pracujące w ramach systemu alarmowego VERSA



Safety and comfort every day
A solution allowing you to protect a flat, a small or medium-sized house, an office, and more. The VERSA intruder alarm system guarantees the reliable protection of both your home and business.

VERSA intruder alarm system equals:

both extensive and effective protection of small and medium-sized premises.
convenience, thanks to the variety of ways you can control the alarm and home automation system with.
security devices with fine design – including modern touchscreen keypads.
…certainty that wherever you are, everything is under your control.
Systemem alarmowym VERSA można sterować za pomocą tradycyjnego manipulatora lub telefonu komórkowego


The VERSA system can be operated with the LED or LCD keypads. Control and notifications using text messages are supported by both a cell phone and by a smartphone. The control panel can additionally notify designated persons by voice messages via analogue telephone line.
Systemem alarmowym VERSA można sterować za pomocą noweczesnego manipulatora z ekranem dotykowym, pilotem sterującym lub aplikacją mobilną VERSA CONTROL

Modern and advanced

Touchscreen keypads make the system control easy and intuitive. With the VERSA CONTROL mobile app, your smartphone can become a control centre for your intruder alarm system. You can also remotely control the system with handy remote keyfobs. Their buttons can be fully configured, adjusting them to the needs of system users.

Safety and comfort at your fingertips

The intuitive graphical user interface of our touchscreen keypad simplifies the activation of various system functions during everyday operation.

Scratch-resistant glass screen

Quick control of system arm mode, gates, lighting, and more

Individually configurable start-up screen

Systemem alarmowym VERSA można sterować za pomocą aplikacji VERSA CONTROL

Mobile access

The VERSA CONTROL mobile application can be used to remotely control the alarm system functions, providing a constant overview of current events recorded by the VERSA control panel. This way you can even more effectively take care of what is most important to you – safety and comfort.

  • You left your home in a hurry, and are not sure if you’ve armed the system?
  • Wherever you are, with our mobile app you can check the system status, and arm it if necessary.
  • Whether it’s a burglary in the basement, a family member disarming the system, or perhaps a power failure in a supervised property – PUSH notifications displayed on your smartphone screen inform you of any system events.
  • When you return home, you can remotely open the gate to your property, turn on the driveway lights, and start the lawn sprinklers.
Aplikacja mobilna VERSA CONTROL dostępna jest na urządzenia mobilne z system Android oraz iOS

Through the camera lens

You can use the VERSA mobile app to view camera feed from your home IP cameras. This allows you to quickly check whether the children are playing nicely in their room, the gardener has already mowed the lawn, or you have closed the gate when leaving.

Versatile detection

VERSA alarm control panels can work with a wide range of wired and wireless detectors. Together with your installer, choose the right devices that can provide the expected level of protection – not only for the building, but also for the area around it.
Centrale alarmowe VERSA mogą współpracować z szeroką gamą urządzeń detekcyjnych

Additional protection

Apart from burglary detection, the VERSA intruder alarm system provides additional protection by responding to early symptoms of an imminent threat of fire or flooding. Gas detectors quickly sense the presence of poisonous gases, such as odourless carbon monoxide. In addition, our sleeping gas detectors, such as chloroform vapour, help to prevent a night-time burglary.
Centrale alarmowe VERSA mogą sterować funkcjami smart home

Building automation

Additional control panel functions for simple building automation include switching on or off selected lights or opening entrance or garage gates.

Separate areas security

Want to adapt the system operation to your needs even more easily? Divide the secured object into two separate partitions. Each of them can be armed independently in the three armed modes: day, night or full.
System alarmowy VERSA umożliwia wydzielnie dwóchstref
Urządzenia systemowe VERSA poddawane są testom jakościowym


All our intruder alarm devices undergo a multi-stage quality control. This helps us to make sure that you and your family stay safe.

VERSA alarm control panels overview

Number of zones / maximum number of zones (to handle wired detectors) / maximum number of zones (to handle wired and wireless detectors)4 / 28 / 304 / 28 / 304 / 28 / 3015 / 30 / 3010 / 30 / 305 / 29 / 30
Number of objects / partitions1 / 21 / 21 / 21 / 21 / 21 / 2
Support for LED / LCD / touchscreen keypad / / / / / / / / / / / /
Control by using keyfobs or proximity cardsoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
User keyfobsoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Users and administrators + service30 + 130 + 130 + 130 + 130 + 130 + 1
Number of programmable outputs / maximum number of programmable outputs (for device control)2 + 2 + 1 / 122 + 2 + 1 / 122 + 2 + 1 / 122 + 2 / 122 + 2 / 122 + 2 / 12
Built-in communicator:
- 2G cellular
- 2G/3G/4G cellular
/ / − / / / − / / − / − / / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / −
Alarm audio verification
Telephone touch tone remote controloptionoptionoption
SMS remote control
Operation via a mobile applicationoptionoptionoption
Support for communication via Ethernetoptionoptionoption
Support for communication via cellular network
Support for wireless devicesoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption

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