The INTEGRA alarm control panels offer intruder presence detection and home automation functions within a single system. This solution offers wider functionality than using two or more separate systems. It’s not just convenient, but also economical, as the same equipment can perform several functions.
Therefore, the INTEGRA control panels can be successfully used to facilitate everyday life of their users.

Perfect combination

INTEGRA control panels and building automation

Safety, comfort and economy at your fingertips

combination of alarm system and home automation

higher comfort of living thanks to use of modern solutions

convenient remote control from mobile devices

possibility to trigger a sequence of events by a single command on a keypad or in a mobile application

savings thanks to intelligent energy management

can be introduced to both new and already existing installations

Easy local and remote control

The advanced INT-TSI, INT-TSH2 and INT-TSG2 touchscreen keypads, alongside the INT-KSG touch keypad, are used for more than just arming and disarming systems based on the INTEGRA control panels. Such a wide range of devices becomes particularly useful in intelligent building systems. Thanks to the MACRO commands, just one touch on the keypad icon or button can start the programmed scenario, for example: switching on the lights around your house, lowering the roller shutters, closing the entry gate, then turning on sprinklers to water your garden.

You can use the functionalities of the INTEGRA control panel-based systems, including the MACRO commands, when you are away from home, too. Use the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile app to command your INTEGRA system from anywhere in the world.

Easy to use

Your system should not just be functional, but easy to use during your everyday life, too. When developing the INTEGRA system, we’ve put great emphasis on creating an intuitive operating system, comfortably controlled by all its user. Touchscreen keypads provide clear access to even the most complicated function. Your INTEGRA system can be controlled without actually having to enter passwords. The system supports keyfobs or proximity cards, making it easier for children and elders to grasp control over it.

Lights made intelligent

INTEGRA control panel-based system makes lighting control simple. You can use, for example, motion detectors or dusk sensors to switch on and off selected lights. Individual lamps can also be turned on according to a set schedule, or upon a user command. The MACRO commands make the overall control even easier. By touching an icon on your keypad, or in your mobile app, you can trigger a whole sequence of events, like switching on the garden lanterns in a specific order.

INTEGRA systems also support emergency lighting elements that facilitate movement around premises during power outage.

Presence simulation

Automatic control of both indoor and outdoor lighting can be used as an additional security measure against intrusion. All you need to do is to program the alarm system to switch the lights on and off from time to time in some rooms, and around the building, when you are away. This creates the illusion that someone is at home at all times, and should sway any potential amateurs of other people's property to abandon their plans.

Perfect temperature

The INTEGRA system can be configured to control the operation of heating and air-conditioning systems, maintain preset temperature in rooms, and adjust it to the time of day. When arming your alarm system, the control panel can be programmed to switch off any working air conditioner, and switch your heating system to the ECO mode. You can use your INTEGRA control panel to both control heating or air-conditioning systems AND save energy.

Raise, open, or move

Indoor roller or track blinds, security shutters, or curtains on electric curtain rails - all these can be controlled by your INTEGRA control panel. You can swiftly and easily raise or lower all your home roller blinds with your smartphone, too. INTEGRA systems can be programmed to automatically close all roller blinds when all household members leave, and the systems gets armed. Roller shutters can be programmed to be raised whenever users open or tilt their windows, letting fresh air in.

Open up!

The INTEGRA control panels can easily command various gates or garage doors. Use your INTEGRA-compatible keypad, keyfobs, or the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile app, to easily open them whenever you need. Gates, just like roller shutters, can also be programmed to close automatically at dusk or when the system is armed.

Perfectly kept garden

Our intelligent alarm system can also take care of your garden's conditions, controlling irrigation devices according to your schedule. At the set time, sprinklers can water your lawn, while drip lines deliver just the right amount of water to your garden flowers and shrubbery. This is a perfect solution for owners of winter gardens that utilize their own water supply systems with solenoid valves.

Looking for more advanced solutions?

Discover the KNX-standard systems

The INT-KNX-2 module is designed to combine the functionality of systems based on INTEGRA control panels with advanced building automation of the international KNX standard.

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