Replace traditional keys with their electronic version.
Access control systems restrict access to selected rooms, and facilitate control over protected areas and movement around premises.
System kontroli dostępu

An alternative to master key systems

Digital access control systems are an alternative to physical access management systems based on traditional keys. Electronic solutions are far superior to even the most advanced master key systems.
For example, it only takes a few moments to assign personalised cards to new users and give them access rights, while making a personalised key is not so quick and easy. If a key or card is lost, the consequences also differ. In the first case, it may be necessary to replace all locks in the entire facility. The latter only requires an administrator, without unnecessary delay, to remove the lost identifier from the system, and a new one will be issued in its place. Furthermore, access control systems eliminate the need to collect and issue keys every day, e.g. at receptions or in teachers’ rooms.

Main advantages of digital access control systems

SATEL digital access control systems

SATEL offers two different solutions. The choice depends on the characteristics of controlled facility and its users.
Advanced access control system designed for remote monitoring of many dispersed facilities. It is designed for both institutions with compact structure (one facility), and for multi-branch organisations.

ACCO NET features

  • scalable system with a distributed structure
  • control, configuration and administration of the system
  • system management via web browser
  • up to 65,000 users
  • can be integrated with the INTEGRA / INTEGRA Plus intruder alarm systems
A modular system with basic access control functions. Door controllers may work independently and control access through a single door, or form an entire access network to control more complex installations operating in a building. Quick migration to ACCO NET is possible.

ACCO features

  • local management
  • up to 1,024 users
  • can work with up to 255 controllers

SATEL access control
systems include:

Access control systems also consists of:

Czytniki kart dostępu do systemu kontroli dostępu



System kontroli dostępu do firmy

Company buildings

Access control system implemented within a company allows to precisely define access rules to different rooms, buildings, or even branches. This significantly reduces the risk of potential loss of material assets, and limits attempts to gain unauthorised access to confidential or secret information. Attendance reports can also be generated, helping the everyday work of HR departments.
System kontroli dostępu do urzędów i szpitali

Healthcare facilities, public offices and other public buildings

An electronic access control system guarantees access to various areas for staff only – according to the needs of organisation. Regular visitors such as customers, patients or guests can only move freely in designated areas.
System kontroli do szkoły i przedszkola

Schools and kindergartens

Access control systems can improve the overall security of schools by restricting unauthorised access from outside. It also prevents pupils from skipping classes or leaving without special permission.
System kontroli dostępu na lotsnikach, dworcach i stacjach metra

Airports, train or subway stations

The key aspect of such places is to allow the free movement of passengers. On the other hand access to service areas, technical corridors, or rarely used emergency exits must remain restricted. Access control systems in various transport hubs can facilitate the everyday work of staff, while increasing the safety of travellers.
System kontroli dostępu do klubów fitnes, siłowni, basenów i saun

Fitness clubs, swimming pools, saunas

Access control systems can greatly facilitate the work of sports centres (like wellness & spa centres, gyms, or swimming pools), where customers are able to purchase multiple entry passes. Our systems can be used to program a set amount of possible entries to entire facilities or rooms.
Zdalna obsługa systemu kontroli dostępu

Remote facility management

Access control systems also offer remote browsing of status of individual zones within a system. An authorised person can open or block them from the control panel level. Having access to the information on current situation in facilities, users may respond immediately to specific events. For example, in the event of a threat they can promptly open emergency exits or block doors to sensitive areas.

Effective access management

Access control system administrators can easily manage user access. Not only can they grant them access rights (for example: to rooms containing sensitive data, hazardous substances or equipment), but also specify the user verification methods (by code, card, DALLAS key or keyfob).

Some places require additional level of security. Two identifiers can be used to authorise access to highly protected areas, for example: in order to access a room, users must enter a code on a keypad and read a proximity card.
System enables to define specific access schedules for users to allow entry to controlled areas at selected times only.
Baza danych systemu kontroli dostępu

Source of information

The system also collects different information about other events, making it easier to diagnose connected devices. For example: it is possible to quickly determine who is present in a zone, whether they are moving between different zones and whether they have already left the supervised area. In this way, if a building needs to be evacuated, you can immediately see how many people are present in the threatened area.
Our systems logs all events, including unauthorised access attempts. Based on data recorded, the system generates various reports and statistics at administrator’s requests. These include employee attendance reports.

Access control systems

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