Effective event monitoring performed by intruder alarm systems is one of the most crucial factors affecting the overall level of security of protected facilities – whether it is a building, its premises, or open terrain.
The control panel, being the heart of alarm installations, continuously processes different signals (events), and in turn sends them to a monitoring station, usually located in a modern monitoring centre. Our offer includes both hardware and software solutions, which support the daily tasks of security agencies, state services, or company security centres.
Komunikacja i monitoring w stacji monitorującej

Multi-channel communication

Information to the STAM-2 monitoring stations can be sent via various communication channels: telephone line (PSTN), Ethernet network (TCP/IP), cellular network (audio, CLIP) or radio transmission (via appropriate protocols).

Monitoring agencji ochrony

Efficient event categorisation

The monitoring station software receives events and categorises them, signalling operators of those requiring intervention. The system can automatically signal an emergency situation, greatly improving event management.

The system creates reports on individual subscribers, operators, and monitoring station systems. All system data are stored in an encrypted database.

Remote viewing of events

STAM-VIEW is an important extension of STAM-2. It is a solution that enables remote viewing of events from selected station subscribers. Monitoring companies can offer their customers real-time access to transmitted information, including event history. System users can remotely check the status of the system and verify actions of security services at any time. With STAM-VIEW installers gain a convenient tool for maintenance and testing of alarm systems.

High quality services

The monitoring station system runs in the popular Windows operating environment. STAM-2 software has an intuitive interface, providing quick and convenient access to key information. It allows for the work of many operators and creation of a multi-station monitoring network – with the option of intelligent distribution of events between the stations. This solution also offers differentiation of priorities, i.e. the sequence in which events requiring intervention are reported, with a simultaneous influx of events from many subscribers.

This streamlines the entire event monitoring process, while providing customers with a higher level of service.

Obsługa monitoringu zdarzeń przez agencje ochrony

Detailed identification

Each subscriber present in the system may be assigned multiple identifiers. The monitoring station recognises many code categories: alarm, arming and disarming of intruder alarm systems, failure, end of failure, test transmission, etc.

This allows for precise identification of the type of event, its location, which system component it relates to, who armed/disarmed the system, etc.

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