Intruder Alarm Systems are designed to detect attempts at intrusion or the appearance of an intruder in a facility under surveillance.
They can also be used to notify of other hazardous events such as fire, flooding or gas leaks. When a threat appears, it is possible not only to trigger an alarm signal, and notify the property owner and public services, such as a security agency, but also to cut off electricity, water or gas.
The system can also perform additional functions such as access control or building automation control.

Effective surveillance

A properly selected and configured system can effectively protect a facility regardless of its size and purpose: a house, flat, summer cottage, garage, as well as a workshop, warehouse, office or public building. No less importantly, the system can also protect the occupants of the area under surveillance.
Ochrona domu
Ochrona mieszkania w bloku
Ochrona domku letniskowego
Ochrona garażu
Ochrona warsztatu
Ochrona magazynu
Ochrona biznesu
Ochrona budynków publicznych
Zgodne z normami GRADE 2 i GRADE 3
By selecting equipment that meets the stringent requirements of industry standards, we can be sure that the alarm system will provide protection at the expected level.

The alarm system should include:

centrale alarmowe

Alarm Control Panel

Manipulator / klawiatura i pilot

Control Devices

Czujki SATEL


Synagalizator / syrena alarmowa

Signaling Devices

Moduły komunikacyjne

Communication Modules


Power Supplies

Obudowy do central alarmowych


SATEL alarm systems are based on control panels belonging to three families

System alarmowy SATEL INTEGRA

  • system division into max. 32 partitions
  • support for up to 256 detectors
  • system control with touchscreen, sensor, or LCD keypads (max. 8)
  • compatible with ABAX 2 system wireless devices
  • advanced building automation functions
  • possible integration with the ACCO NET access control system, the KNX automation devices, and more

System alarmowy SATEL VERSA

  • system division into max. 2 partitions
  • support for up to 30 detectors
  • system control with touchscreen, sensor, or LCD keypads (max. 4)
  • compatible with ABAX 2 and MICRA system wireless devices
  • performance of the simplest building automation functions

System alarmowy SATEL PERFECTA

  • system division into max. 4 partitions
  • support for up to 64 detectors
  • control of the system using up to 4 touchscreen keypads, touch keypads, or LCD keypads
  • compatible with ABAX 2 and MICRA wireless devices
  • performance of basic building automation functions

Installation types

Depending on the type of connection between system devices, there are three types of alarm installations: wired, wireless and hybrid. Selection of the right type of installation and appropriate devices depends on many factors. We should take into account, for example, the possibility of routing the cables and the related costs, building architecture and construction technology (e.g. the thickness of the walls), the time of installation or the time available to complete the investment.
Przewodowy system alarmowy


Bezprzewodowy system alarmowy


Hybrydowy system alarmowy


Areas of protection

The sooner an intrusion attempt is identified, the more effective property protection is. By dividing the protected space into areas and selecting appropriate devices, we ensure security from the very boundery of our property. Each additional area represents an additional line of protection designed to minimise the likelihood of an intruder entering the building and stealing.
Ochrona granic posesji

external perimeter

along the property boundary
Ochrona terenu posesji

external area

around the building
Ochrona obwodowa budynku

building perimeter

windows and doors
Ochrona budynku


rooms and traffic routes


Adapt the operation of the alarm system to your needs. With the option to divide the property into partitions (separate areas), you can arm only what you need. Partitions can be armed independently of each other and only selected rooms or a building boundary can be monitored when people are inside.
Czujki alarmowe SATEL

End-to-end detection

Appropriate detectors are needed for effective detection of various events. They can respond, for example, to movement, the opening of doors or windows, shocks, the sound of breaking glass, the appearance of smoke, water or gas leaks.
Sygnalizator / syrena alarmowa

Effective alarm devices

The alarm system is designed to signal the presence of a dangerous situation. Internal or external devices are used for this purpose.

Effective communication

Communication modules integrated with the control panel are responsible for information exchange between the system and the user or other persons (installer or security agency employee). They can receive information on events and react accordingly to what is happening in the facility under surveillance. Communication can also go the other way – which means that selected people can remotely control the system functions. Data is transmitted via Ethernet, mobile networks or analogue telephone lines.
Agencje ochrony
Serwisowanie systemów alarmowych
Kontrola dostępu
Komunikacja z systemem alarmowym

Easy everyday operation

A control panel with a traditional or a touchscreen keypad? A proximity card or a keyfob? A text message or a mobile application? Each user can individually select the most convenient way of operating and controlling alarm system functions.
Manipulator / klawiatura SATEL
Manipulator dotykowy / klawiatura dotykowa SATEL
Kontrola dostępu SATEL
Piloty SATEL
Powiadamianie SMS
Aplikacja mobilna dla systemu alarmowego - SATEL INTEGRA

A dedicated mobile application is available for each alarm system offered by SATEL: INTEGRA, VERSA and PERFECTA.

More than just security - building automation

Modern alarm systems offer not only effective protection of a facility. They can also be used for various building automation functions, including automatic control of lighting, roller-blinds, gates, windows, heating or air conditioning.
Sterowanie oświetleniem w smart home
Sterowanie roletami i żaluzjami w smart home
Sterowanie bramami w smart home
Sterowanie ogrzewaniem w smart home
Sterowanie klimatyzacją w smart home
Sterowanie wentylacja w smart home
Sterowanie zraszaczami ogrodowymi w smart home
Sterowanie czuwaniem systemu alarmowego w smart home


SATEL alarm systems can operate together with other installations present in a facility, including access control or advanced building automation systems.

Always the latest version

We work continuously to improve our products with the aim of maintaining the highest quality throughout their entire life cycle. Our efforts are focused on introducing new options and functionalities, and improving the existing ones. The regular update of firmware allows the users and installers to enjoy all the benefits offered by the modern SATEL alarm systems.

When choosing an alarm system, check whether it offers:

Certyfikowane urządzenia alarmowe

certified devices

compliant with industry standards
System alarmowy dla domu

complete protection of the facility

against various hazards

Elastyczny system alarmowy

flexible selection of the type of installation

best suited for the facility under surveillance
Podział systemu alarmowego

the option of dividing the facility into areas/partitions

for easy management
Powiadamianie systemu alarmowego

choice of notification method

about system events

Komunikacja z systemem alarmowym

reliable communications

with security agencies, or other services
Integracja systemów alarmowych

the option of integration with other systems

e.g. access control

Sterowanie inteligentnym domem

control of simple or advanced

building automation systems

Aktualizacja systemu alarmowego

no need for face to face interactions

as the updates can be done 100% remotely

Obsługa systemu alarmowego

easy everyday system operation

including remote control

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