The alarm control panels from INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus families are very flexible and can be easily integrated with building automation or access control systems (ACS), and more.

Integracja systemu alarmowego INTEGRA SATEL

As a result of integration, new functionalities are added to individual systems, while their current capabilities are extended.

Imagine easy management of one system using the control devices of another. Integrating otherwise separate systems also allows actuators and detection devices to perform several functions simultaneously, and be used by all the integrated systems. Integration is also cost-efficient.

Versatile, ingenious, and progressive

The effective communication between integrated systems is a crucial issue. That is why we put special emphasis on ensuring the communication capabilities of our devices and software by implementing well-designed solutions at the early stages of creation. Thanks to this our systems can always be integrated with one another, or with those offered by other producers.

Various solutions for integration

SATEL devices can be integrated in several ways:

  • via the proprietary SATEL protocol 
  • via the KNX communication protocol, for connection to SATEL KNX devices and products of other global brands associated in the KNX Association
  • via the open integration protocol, which allows a wide range of different IT solutions to work together
Integracja systemu alarmowego INTEGRA SATEL

Integration of INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus alarm systems with ACCO NET access control system

When the functionalities of the ACCO NET access control system are integrated with the INTEGRA or INTEGRA Plus intruder alarm systems, building security is greatly improved. Integration of these two systems includes associating ACS zones with IAS partitions. This allows to control integrated zones and partitions from a single terminal – regardless of which system it is connected to. For example: arming an IAS partition will also result in blocking the associated ACS zone – protecting from both unauthorized entry, and intrusion.

Integrating these two systems grants operators of the ACCO NET systems access to status of different zones and outputs of INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels, thus giving them a better understanding of reported events in facilities. Integrating the systems also allows for joint administration of their resources from one location, including access to a common event database, which facilitates data analysis. As a result of this, supervision and operation of integrated security installations by both facility and network administrators is more convenient, transparent, and above all – extremely efficient.

Integration of INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus alarm systems with KNX building automation solutions

Integracja systemu alarmowego INTEGRA z KNX

An unlimited range of building automation functions – this is how you can describe KNX, the global standard for intelligent building systems. It covers a wide range of control and actuator devices.

Our INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus alarm control panels can be easily integrated with the KNX systems. Such installation guarantees both safety and comfort, regardless of building-specific characteristics or purpose. This solution provides for a convenient, transparent and centralised control of the entire range of building automation devices, and alarm system, enhancing the overall safety of buildings and system users.
Integracja systemu alarmowego INTEGRA z KNX

Integration made versatile

When it comes to securing building and areas around them, the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series of alarm control panels are widely appreciated by users worldwide. Their popularity prompts other brands to make sure their devices can be integrated with the INTEGRA systems using our open communications protocol. To enable two-way communications using either a TCP/IP or RS-232 protocol between other devices and an INTEGRA system, use one of our dedicated communication modules: ETHM-1 Plus or INT-RS Plus. With these you can create a single system that incorporates solutions of different brands, and combines security with comfort.

After integrating two systems, SATEL alarm control panels can be, to some extent, managed remotely using third party software or mobile apps. The control panels can also govern the work of other integrated systems or installations.

Integrating with SATEL is just easy:

Integracja systemu alarmowego INTEGRA

Flexible and versatile when it comes to integration with other systems

The INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series of control panels are compatible with 3rd party systems through its proprietary open protocol. These include systems of access control, building management, smart home, or CCTV. Two-way communication via TCP/IR or RS-232 is enabled either by ETHM-1 Plus or INT-RS Plus modules. With one of these devices connected, the alarm control panels can be remotely managed by 3rd party software, or supervise the work of other integrated systems and installations.

ETHM-1 Plus

ethernet communication module for TCP/IP integration


RS-232 interface
for system integration
Oprogramowanie do zarządzania zintegrowanym system alarmowym INTEGRA SATEL
Oprogramowanie do zarządzania zintegrowanym system alarmowym INTEGRA SATEL

Integrated management of multiple INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus alarm systems

Distributed intruder alarm systems based on the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels can be integrated with each other using the INTEGRUM software. The scalability of such system, its intuitive interface, central database of users, settings, events and information about facilities provide for simple and efficient security administration of multi-branch institutions, even from several locations simultaneously. In addition, INTEGRUM significantly optimises costs and human resources.

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