Backup power supply

APS-612 is an advanced backup power supply that meets the high security requirements of EN 50131-3 standard for Grade 3. Its output current is 6 A: 3 A for powering devices + 3 A for charging the battery. It is designed to power loads working at 12 V DC, including, but not limited to the devices used in alarm systems, access control systems and CCTV systems. APS-612 can also be used to power laboratory devices (e.g. in medical laboratories), for industrial automation applications, as well as for critical infrastructure systems. It has a special 3-pin connector for use with SATEL devices, including zone/output expanders or ACCO-NT access control panels.

The LLC topology SMPS, used in its construction, is characterized by high efficiency and provides excellent performance with low heat losses. Because of the direct supply from 230 V AC mains, the device does not require installation of any additional mains transformer. APS-612 is provided with short circuit and overload protection. It has a noise filter and an active circuit of PFC power factor correction (to 0.98) at the input.

A battery can be connected directly to the power supply. Microprocessor control of battery status and performance, precise voltage regulation and automatic disconnection in case of excessive discharge keep the battery in good condition and reduce the possibility of damage, thus prolonging its service life.

LEDs are used to indicate availability of mains supply, battery supply status and occurrence of troubles ‒ overheating, overload or output short-circuit. The troubles are also signaled acoustically. The alarm system is informed of any troubles by four OC type outputs. Changes in their status indicate excessive operating temperature, battery voltage drop below the permissible value, output overload or mains power loss.

  • complies with requirements of EN 50131-3 Grade 3
  • complies with requirements of EN 60950-1 security standard
  • conforms to the level of conducted and radiated EMI according to EN 55011 Class B
  • high capacity 12 V DC switching mode power supply with active PFC, not requiring mains transformer
  • total power supply output current of 6 A: 3 A (output) + 3 A (charging)
  • short circuit and overload protection
  • designed for use with sealed lead-acid batteries
  • selectable battery charging current (1.5 A/3 A)
  • battery deep discharge protection
  • 4 OC outputs for trouble signaling
  • optical indication for mains, battery, overload and overheating status
  • acoustic signaling of troubles
  • special connector for use with SATEL devices: INT-E, INT-O, INT-PP, INT-ADR, INT-ORS, INT-IORS, ACCO-NT, ACX-220, GSM-X LTE, GSM-X, GPRS-A LTE, GPRS-A, ACCO-KP2
  • ,
  • designed for mounting on 35 mm DIN rail and in OPU-3 P and OMI-5 enclosures
EN-50131 GRADE 3 - Certyfikat
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