Experience a high level of protection and comfort

Your home is your very place in the world. Whether you decide to stay there or to spend your time somewhere else, you want to make sure your home is secured. INTEGRA, an intelligent intruder alarm system, can provide you with high enough level of security… and more! It can be used to implement even the most advanced smart home functions.

The INTEGRA system...

...effectively protects residential facilities against burglary - regardless of property size

…controls home automation (supporting the advanced KNX functions)

…is easy and intuitive to operate - by everyone

...detects risks related to random events, such as fire, flooding or gas leaks

...cares for ecology and your wallet during everyday activities

With a device perfectly matching your expectations and needs, controlling an INTEGRA system is fairly easy.

Whenever you use a keypad to give your system a command, you let it know what it needs to do. There are various types of these devices, differing in technologies used, available functions, and design. Browse the wide range of keypads supported by INTEGRA or INTEGRA Plus, and choose the one that best suits your needs and interior design.

Remote control
however you like it

Install the INTEGRA CONTROL app on your smartphone or tablet to enable remote command of the intruder alarm system functions, including arming and disarming, and controlling home automation functions. With the PUSH notifications enabled, and access to the camera feed, you can keep a watchful eye on your home. Using the app, in a few seconds you can issue a command to the control panel (for example, to turn on the garden sprinklers, switch off the lights, or open the gate). You can watch and verify if the commands have been carried out by watching them activate through the connected IP cameras. INTEGRA CONTROL
You can also remotely control your system with our handy remote control keyfobs. Their buttons can be programmed to perfectly suit the needs of each household members.

Versatile detection

Our wide range of various types of devices can provide you with outdoor protection (motion detectors, curtain detectors, active infrared barriers), perimeter protection (magnetic, glass-break, shock detectors), and indoor protection (motion detectors and those for additional protection). The INTEGRA alarm control panels support both wired and wireless detectors. Together with a professional installer, select the devices best suited to protect your home.
System alarmowy INTEGRA współpracuje z szeroką gamą urządzeń detekcyjnych.

Easy security management

Large area might include several storeys and many rooms with a complex layout. Operation of an extensive system is easier when you divide your property into partitions. For example, the building perimeter (windows and doors), garage, vestibule, or the area around your house. You can arm each partition independently.

Most INTEGRA alarm control panels support the function to divide protected facilities into partitions (grouped objects). With a single alarm control panel, you can create several independent intruder alarm systems, each with its own administrator and users. This feature proves to be extremely useful when securing multifamily homes, or any mixed-use properties (e.g., residential with separate offices).
Depending on the model, the INTEGRA alarm control panels allow you to create up to 32 partitions and 8 objects.

Quick response to hazards

When connected to an intruder alarm system, additional protection detectors can immediately detect random events such as fire, flooding or gas leaks. Upon receiving information about an impending threat, the alarm control panel sends a command to connected relevant devices and installations. On its order, the siren can be turned on, ventilation activated (in the event of a large amount of smoke or gas), windows opened, and the water solenoid valve closed (when flooding is detected). The alarm control panel immediately notifies you about the emergency, so you can react as quickly as possible. Every second counts!
System alarmowy INTEGRA współpracuje z czujkami ruchu odpornymi na ruch zwierząt

Pets at home

Do you have a dog? Do you want to give it freedom to roam around the house while the alarm system is armed? To prevent your pet from triggering unwanted alarms, use motion detectors with the PET function. With them, you can both maintain a high level of security, and happiness of your pet, allowing it to freely wander around your entire house.

Your safe space

System alarmowy INTEGRA może obejmować funkcje smart home

Two in one

You can use your alarm system devices for executing both security and automation functions. Using them in a dual role is not only a convenient, but also an economical solution. For example, you can use motion detectors to switch on lights. You can control the entire system using the same keypad, remote control keyfob or mobile app.
System alarmowy INTEGRA generuje oszczędności w budżecie domowym


Home automation systems help to reduce electricity and heat consumption. In the long run, this translates directly into lower bills. A professional installer can program your system to turn the heating off in the rooms with windows opened. In addition, when the system gets armed, the alarm control panel is able to turn off the power to selected appliances, like a lamp, TV or PC monitors.
System alarmowy INTEGRA pomaga dbać o środowisko


Flooding can severely damage your property, and cause your water bills to skyrocket. Think about how much water could go to waste, instead of being used for washing, cooking, or watering your garden. To prevent this, equip your water supply system with a solenoid valve, and your intruder alarm system with a flood detector. Whenever a leakage is detected, the alarm control panels closes such valve, cutting off water supply.

Dawn till dusk

The intelligent INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus intruder alarm systems constantly watch over your safety, and maintain comfortable conditions for all household members. Regardless of the time of day, a properly configured alarm control panel can execute programmed sequences of commands according to your schedule. Use this feature to grant your family and yourself comfort adequate to a given situation.

Wszystkie elementy systemu alarmowego INTEGRA przechodzą testy jakościowe

Quality first

All our devices undergo multi-stage testing, including those performed by independent certification bodies for compliance with various industry standards. You can rest easy, knowing that your safety is secured by our reliable and solid solutions, whatever your circumstances are.

See how INTEGRA can protect your business too

Comparison of the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus alarm control panels

Number of zones / max number of zones (supporting wired detectors) / max number of zones (supporting wired and wireless detectors) 4 / 24 / 168 / 32 / 2416 / 64 / 4816 / 128 / 11216 / 64 / 4816 / 128 / 11216 / 256 / 2408 / 128 / 120
Number of partitions / objects 1 / 44 / 168 / 328 / 328 / 328 / 328 / 328 / 32
Support for LED / LCD / touch / touchscreen keypads / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Support for proximity tags and cards
Remote control keyfobs for system users optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
System users + admins + service technician 16 + 1 + 164 + 4 + 1192 + 8 + 1240 + 8 + 1192 + 8 + 1240 + 8 + 1240 + 8 + 1240 + 8 + 1
Number of programmable outputs / max number of programmable outputs (for controlling connected devices) 4 / 20 + 4
8 / 3216 / 6416 / 12816 / 6416 / 12816 / 2568 / 256
Built-in communicator:
PSTN / cellular / ETHERNET
/ − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / − / −− / / −
Acoustic alarm verification
Remote control via tone dialling
Remote control via text (SMS) messages optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Mobile app support optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Data transfer via Ethernet optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Data transfer via cellular network optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption
Support for wireless devices optionoptionoptionoptionoptionoptionoption

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In addition to its basic task, that is the protection of people and property, an advanced alarm system executes building automation and access control functions. INTEGRA is ideal for securing both private and company premises and critical infrastructure.