Wireless smoke detector



Fast and reliable detection of fire hazards is fundamental in fire protection.
Therefore, all residential, industrial and public buildings should be provided with quick detection of visible smoke.
Our ASD-250 smoke detector is a perfect solution providing a high level of fire protection.

ASD-250 can operate in two modes: standalone or as part of the
ABAX 2 / ABAX system

Standalone mode

ASD-250 detector is an ideal solution for small buildings, where early smoke detection is crucial, but at the same time there is no need to build a complete fire protection system.
The detector meets the requirements of the EN 14604 standard for standalone detectors, confirmed by the certificate issued by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.

Operation as part of ABAX 2 or ABAX system

ASD-250 can also operate as part of a two-way wireless ABAX 2 or ABAX system. If the system features multiple detectors, and one of them detects smoke, the controller can alert the other ASD-250 detectors, which will trigger acoustic and optical alarms.

This solution significantly speeds up the hazard response time, especially when the individual detectors are installed on different building levels.

ASD-250 smoke detector design

Actions speak louder than words

See how our ASD-250 detector can protect your home against a potential fire hazard.


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