Outdoor wireless dual curtain detector


AGATE and AOCD-260

An intruder alarm system should protect the entire facility – both its interior and surroundings.
Discover our curtain detectors: ready to protect your building boundary, as well as site perimeter.

The compact and slim enclosures of the AGATE and AOCD-260 curtain detectors conceal advanced technological solutions, creating an invisible wall, both inside, and outside protected buildings. The AGATE model is a wired device, while AOCD-260 is a wireless option, operating within the ABAX 2 system. Both detectors are compatible with any alarm system.

Examples of possible uses

protection along boundary building walls ​

protection along perimeter fences

protection of entry gates or garage doors

external and internal protection of balconies, terraces, and regular windows

designation of protected areas inside buildings

protection of entrances equipped with pet doors

A curtain invisible to the eye

See how to use curtain detectors to protect your property
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AGATE coverage – side view

AGATE coverage – top view

The curtain detectors have a narrow angle and a long range of detection, respectively: 10° and 14 m for AGATE, and 6° and 10 m for AOCD-260. The detection area is no more than 1 m wide.

Motion detection

AGATE and AOCD-260 feature two detection paths: infrared (PIR), and microwave (MW). Their sensitivity can be adjusted independently, which makes it easy to adapt their operation to the characteristics of protected objects, and their functioning to best suit the role they are to perform within the system.

Sealed enclosure

The detector enclosures are made with two-component injection moulding technology, from polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer. This solution provides the devices with an IP54 rating, guarding them from any dust, liquid splashes, or unauthorised access to detector interior by wire and other small elements.

Resistance to ambient temperature changes and adverse weather conditions

The combination of two detection paths (PIR + MW) with the detector’s auto-adaptation algorithm to environmental conditions provides high resistance to unwanted alarms. Therefore, these devices offer stable operation in difficult atmospheric conditions such as: rain, snow, fog, solar exposure, or strong wind. AGATE and AOCD-260 are also characterised by their high mechanical strength, and UV resistance, making the appearance of their enclosure unchanged for many years.

Our curtain detectors offer correct operation over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +55°C. Changes in ambient temperature are automatically compensated.

High mechanical strength

The enclosure contains elements that strengthen the device’s resistance to mechanical damage. A special recess for the lens protects it from accidental or intentional denting. Double tamper protection prevents the enclosure from being opened or detached from its mounting surface.

Easy installation and configuration

For regular use, install the detectors at height of 2,4 m, with their lens pointing downwards. You can also mount them at different height to protect windows, gates, or others security points.
The detectors can be mounted directly on a flat surface. When securing a building with lots of windows, use the dedicated bracket that enables the detector to be installed at a fixed angle of 90°.
If the detector needs to be placed away from walls, even for several centimeters, use the BRACKET E modular distance holder. This helps when a lamp or rain gutter limits the detectors’ coverage. The dedicated AGATE/AOCD-260 insert allows to install the detectors using the BRACKET A and BRACKET B brackets (recommended for indoor use).
All mentioned brackets are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. Additionally, the enclosed design of both BRACKET B and BRACKET C allows to hide connecting wires, improving the overall appearance of installations.
BRACKET E is available in white and grey.
The detectors can also be used to sense entry into their supervised area that is not otherwise secured (by a wall, closed-door, or else). To make them impervious to the movement of small pets, install the detectors at a lower height, and rotate them upside down. Such setup creates a non-protected gap big enough to allow dogs to pass, but too small for any human intruder passing through.



The AGATE wired detector complies with the EN 50131-2-4 Grade 3 requirements. This means it can successfully protect indoor areas with higher risk of potential burglary, like jewellery shops or public institutions.

In accordance with the EN 50131-2-4 standard, the AGATE detector incorporates active anti-masking function in its infrared detection path, providing advanced protection against:

covering with solid objects, including those with low light reflections, like black or matt objects

being sealed with transparent material such as stretch wrap, or adhesive tape,

painting over with masking material such as paint or clear varnish.

Thanks to this function, every attempt to sabotage the devices is immediately detected, and the information about it is sent to the control panel. Depending on the system configuration, notifications can be sent to users, installers, security agencies, or public services (like the police).

Anti-masking operation principles

The AGATE detector lens is protected by a retroreflector made from transparent polycarbonate. Any attempt to cover it with masking material (like paint or varnish) causes a change in the refraction angle of the IR rays. AGATE immediately senses this threat, and signals it.


AOCD-260 is a curtain detector belonging to the ABAX 2 two-way wireless devices family. The detector is also compatible with ABAX – the previous generation of SATEL wireless system.
Thanks to its efficient power management, AOCD-260 can operate for up to 8 years on a single battery*. Its condition is constantly monitored, and when it’s close to depleting, the system reports a failure.
*when working in an ABAX 2 system, with ECO mode enabled, and favourable conditions present
Summary of features and functionsAGATEAOCD-260
Two detection paths: PIR+MW++
Active IR anti-masking for indoor applications+-
Splash-proof enclosure with IP54 rating++
Tamper protection (against opening, and detaching from mounting surface)++
Reinforced polycarbonate enclosure++
Digital temperature compensation to ensure correct detector operation within a temperature range of -40°C to +55°C++
Tri-colour LED++
Operation within an ABAX 2 or ABAX wireless system-+
Can operate in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind)++
High resistance to false alarms due to autoadaptation algorithm++
Configurable sensitivity of detection paths using potentiometers on PCB+-
Remote configuration of the detection path sensitivity using the DLOADX or ABAX 2 Soft programs-+
Low power consumption++
Dedicated angle bracket (90°)++
Can be mounted without additional bracket++
Can be mounted on the adjustable BRACKET A and BRACKET B holders, or the BRACKET E distance holder++

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