Backup power supplies are designed to power devices used in various types of installations, like intruder alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms, access control or building automation systems.
When loss of primary power source occurs, backup power supplies serve as an emergency power source, using one or more batteries. This ensures the continuous operation of systems.


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Basic parameters
of power supplies

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Output voltage

SATEL offers power supplies with two output voltage values: 12 V DC or 24 V DC. This allows you to choose a device with the appropriate voltage for the installation you want to power.
In intruder alarm systems, most devices use 12 V DC voltage.
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Output current and battery charging current

SATEL backup power supplies have a current capacity of up to 14 A. Battery charging current can be up to 3 A, depending on the model.
Always choose a power supply unit with an output current greater than an installation actually requires.
In some cases for battery powered devices, the maximum current capacity of their power supply should be reduced by the charging current.
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The ratio of the power that a power supply puts out to the power that it consumes is called efficiency. As a result of optimised design and the use of highly efficient components, SATEL’s most technologically advanced power supplies have an energy efficiency exceeding 90%.
High efficiency translates into low heat emission and eliminates the need for additional cooling.
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Best parameters

The highest efficiency is achieved with direct mains voltage conversion power supplies equipped with an impulse voltage converter. These solutions, which use high-performance components, are ideal for heavy-duty applications.
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Resistance to interference

Since interference may have negative impact on the operation of critical elements, each SATEL backup power supply is provided with a number of filters designed to guarantee interference-free power supply.
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Safety measures

Built-in protection mechanism – including current overload and short-circuit – are responsible for minimising the risk of power damage, which might occur when the devices are connected incorrectly or during regular operation.
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Integration with SATEL devices

The APS-1412, APS-612 and APS-412 power supplies are designed for integration with selected expanders, communication modules or SATEL access control panels – equipped with the APS connector. These devices can receive information from the power supply about its status and about the connected battery.

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Power supply for Grade 3 systems

Intruder alarm systems with the Grade 3 rating require special power supplies (in accordance with the EN 50131 standard). Our APS-612 power supply is a certified model for these kind of high security installations.

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