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  • PERFECTA-IP alarm control panels
  • INT-GSM LTE and GSM-X-PSTN modules
  • ABAX 2 devices: ADD-200 detector and ARF-200 tester
  • MXD-300 wireless multipurpose detector




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Discover new devices working as part of the MICRA system (433 MHz),
radio controllers of the new RK series, as well as the modular distance
holder for outdoor and curtain detectors.

INT-TSI + DAHUA door stations

Intercom widget

Functionality of the video intercom in the keypad.
From now on INT-TSI offers even more!

CONFX hardware configurator

New version now available!

  • Even more useful functions
  • Easier and faster designing
  • New appearance


KNX modules

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  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day


Alarm systems and automation



The INTEGRA alarm control panels enable the implementation of intrusion and hold-up alarm as well as home automation functions within one system. This solution offers wider functionality than the option in which a number of separate systems are used. This is not only convenient, but also cost-effective, because the same devices can perform several functions. The ease of use is also very important. When designing the INTEGRA systems, we focused particularly on creating devices that provide intuitive and user-friendly daily operation of your system.

Convenient local control

The most advanced control device is the INT-TSI touchscreen keypad. It provides the greatest number of personalization settings for each user as well as offers trouble-free and convenient operation of the system. Intuitive graphical interface, 7” display, widgets, implementation of macro commands, preview of IP camera images are just some of the options that make this keypad an outstanding device on the market and the right choice for the most demanding customers.

The INT-TSG (4.3") and INT-TSH (7") models are inexpensive devices, also controlled via the touch screen. Like INT-TSI, they offer user-friendly operation of the system, which combines security and automation functions.

INT-KSG is a modern version of the traditional keypad. The classic keys have been replaced by touch-sensitive sensor areas. Additional function buttons facilitate the control of building automation. A large LCD display provides easy access to the information about the system state.

More about INT-KSG

All described keypad models are available
with enclosure in three colors (white, light and dark).

Remote system control

An option of quick and convenient remote control of all system functions is also provided. The INTEGRA CONTROL application will make your smartphone or tablet a mobile control center for the entire building.


An additional option is a keyfob APT-200 with 5 function buttons to which you can assign any 6 functions, such as opening the gate, switching on the light, lowering the roller shutters, arming / disarming, calling for help.

See APT-200

Security, comfort and savings within your reach

  • alarm system and home automation combined
  • higher living comfort thanks to modern solutions
  • convenient remote control from mobile devices
  • sequences of events can be called with a single command from keypad or mobile application
  • savings through intelligent energy management
  • compatibility with both new and existing systems

Perfect combination

INTEGRA control panels
and building automation

Intelligent lighting

Using a system based on the INTEGRA control panel gives you an option of simple lighting control. To switch on and off the selected light points, you can use, for example, motion detectors or dusk sensors. Individual lamps can also be turned on or off according to a specific schedule or users' instructions. Using macro commands is extremely convenient: by tapping the appropriate icon on the keypad or in the mobile application, you can call the whole sequence of events, e.g. to turn on the garden lights in a specific order.

The system can also include emergency lighting components that will make it easier for you to move around the premises in the event of power failure.

Presence simulation

Automatic control of both indoor and outdoor lighting can be used for additional protection against burglary. All you have to do is program the alarm system in such a way that it will occasionally turn on and off the light in some rooms and around the house during prolonged absence of the household members. An impression will thus be created that someone is always at home, which is likely to deter the potential intruder.

Perfect temperature

The INTEGRA system can be configured to control the operation of heating and air-conditioning systems, keeping the room temperature at the desired level and adjusting it e.g. to the time of day. After all household members leave the house, air conditioning can be turned off and heating switched to economy mode as soon as the alarm system is armed. Thus, using the alarm system to control heating or air conditioning becomes not only convenient, but can also bring real energy savings.

Close, adjust, open

Roller blinds, anti-burglary roller shutters, slat-blinds and electric curtain tracks ‒ they too can be controlled by the INTEGRA control panels. This allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower roller blinds or shutters in the whole house, also remotely, using the smartphone application. The system can also lower the roller blinds/shutters automatically after the household members have left, activating the alarm system. Tilting or turning open a window with lowered blind can make the blind go up, thus enabling easier inflow of fresh air.

Open Sesame!

The INTEGRA control panels also allow you to control the entrance gate to the property, garage door or wickets. To open them, you can use the icons on the touch-screen keypad, universal remote control keyfobs, as well as mobile phones or smartphones with a mobile app. Gates and wickets, like anti-burglary roller shutters etc., can also automatically close when nightfall falls or when the alarm system is armed.

Always beautiful garden

The smart alarm system can also take care of the condition of your garden by controlling the watering devices according to a preprogrammed schedule. At a specific time, the sprinklers will water the lawn, and the drip irrigation lines will provide the right amount of water for flowers and shrubs. A similar solution will also work fine in a winter garden, equipped with water system with electrically operated valves.

the heart of the INTEGRA system


alarm control panels

Looking for more advanced solutions?

Get to know the KNX system

The INT-KNX-2 module makes it possible to combine functionality of the systems based on INTEGRA control panels with advanced building automation of the international KNX standard.

Learn more about KNX
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