Mobile application for remote control of the PERFECTA alarm system

The PERFECTA CONTROL application for mobile devices is used for remote operation of alarm systems based on the PERFECTA, PERFECTA LTE, PERFECTA-IP and PERFECTA 64 M control panels series. The app enables: arming and disarming, checking the status of partitions, zones and outputs, viewing information about troubles and other system events as well as controlling selected building automation functions (eg. gates, lighting). With the support for PUSH messages, the PERFECTA CONTROL app keeps the user notified at all times.
Due to the use of the secure SATEL connection setup service, no advanced configuration of network settings is required. As a result, preparing the application for work and associating it with a specific control panel is very easy: you have just to scan the QR code generated in the PERFECTA Soft configuration program or another user mobile app. The control panel data can also be entered into the app manually

  • control of the alarm system based on the PERFECTA, PERFECTA LTE, PERFECTA-IP and PERFECTA 64 M control panels:
    • arming and disarming
    • checking the status of partitions, zones and outputs
    • control of outputs – selected building automation functions
    • checking the status of thermostats and changing their settings (PERFECTA 64 M only)
    • viewing the current troubles
    • viewing all system events with the filtering option
  • PUSH notification with the possibility of individual configuration
  • quick and easy configuration of connection with control panel
  • exporting the control panel data via the QR code in order to share the settings with another user
  • possibility of using secure, encrypted communication with the system via the SATEL connection setup service*
  • option to display images from cameras
  • intuitive user interface



  • The PERFECTA CONTROL application uses the access to the phone camera only to scan QR codes.
  • The user data transported through the QR code are encrypted. The QR code is protected by a user-defined password.
  • Additionally, the PERFECTA CONTROL application does not store, process and/or collect any other user data that can potentially be located in the user’s phone resources.
  • Our Privacy Policy for SATEL’s Mobile Applications

*estimated access to the service: 98% of the time per year

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