The apps allow the Users to remotely control the alarm systems, fire alarm systems and communication modules that include devices in the INTEGRA, PERFECTA, VERSA, GSM-X, GPRS-A, ETHM-A, ACSP series. They provide convenience and enhanced functionality of the systems.-

The Developer, as the Data Administrator, is obliged to inform the Users of the above apps about the processing of their data, which is the purpose of this Policy.

The User’s decision to use any of the apps is equal to giving us the consent to collect and use the information described in this Privacy Policy. We collect the information to deliver functionality and improve the apps. We do not share the information about the Users with any third parties nor do we use it for purposes other than described in this Privacy Policy.



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A person who has installed any of the Developer’s apps on their mobile device.

Personal Data Protection Officer

The Developer has appointed a Personal Data Protection Officer. You can contact them by e mail: or by phone: +48 58 320 94 27 ext. 377.

Why we process data

Inside the app

SATEL Sp. z o.o. does not have a full set of data necessary for making a connection with a particular user device. The following set of data is stored inside the app on the User’s device. Furthermore, it is possible to set a password in the app to verify the access rights to the app and data stored inside the app.

Different types of data are used depending on the device, app and connection method.

The purpose of processing aggregated data of the following types is presented in the table below:


Data / Purpose


IP address or URL address

address that uniquely identifies a device of the series above


information about the port used for communication with a device of the series above

User password

A string of characters. A password is necessary for accessing the user account and obtaining appropriate rights in the device

Server key

A string of characters. It is a private key defined by the control panel administrator during configuration of the communication channel. The key is stored in the control panel memory. You can recover it using a dedicated service function available only in the service mode of the control panel or the DLOADX program for alarm system configuration.

IMEI / MAC address

international mobile device identifier assigned to a built-in GSM/ETH module. It is used to uniquely identify a device on the network and in our system. The IMEI/MAC number is shared publicly on the module’s name plate.

ID number

A string of characters. It is generated by our servers and assigned to a device when connection between the device and the server is requested and established. The identifier is stored in a secured way. It can be downloaded with the help of the user functions available in the module after correct user authentication.

PUSH token

The User’s decision to enable PUSH notifications is equal to giving us the consent to download the identifier of the device on which the app is installed. The identifier is used to provide the PUSH notification service. The tokens are instances when the PUSH service is used by the app. They are stored in the databases on our servers. The PUSH service configuration is stored in the app’s cache. Based on these data, SATEL Sp. z o.o. is not able to identify the User.

Camera access for the purpose of QR code scanning

QR codes are used in the app to facilitate the import of data necessary for initiating a connection with the control panel. The same function is used to export data from the control panel to another instance of the app on another device. The User’s decision to scan QR codes in our app and import control panel data using a QR code is equal to giving consent to accessing the device camera by the app. Remember that our app uses the camera only to scan a QR code. The user data included in the QR code are not shown publicly. The QR code is generated once during an exchange session. It is secured with a session key. The session key is defined by the User and is not exchanged in our app. The User is asked to enter the session key when scanning a QR code in the app on the target device.

Camera adding: name, address, port, streams, user and password

The camera configuration data that have been entered manually in the app are only stored in the app’s data directory on the mobile device. These data are not shared via any external communication protocol. They are not shared outside even if the User has selected the option to automatically search for cameras on the network. Any configuration and access data remain inside the app’s memory.

Outside the app


Data / Purpose


Event log data and analytics

The User’s decision to use the app is equal to giving us the consent to use the analytics tools provided by Google Play Console and Apple Store Connect. We use these tools to collect anonymous data and have a better understanding of how the User uses our app. These tools allow us to improve the User’s experience with the app and identify which of its functions are typically used. The event log data may include e.g. device name, operating system version, app version, date and time when the app was used. The event log data are stored only for the purpose of development and improvement of the app and are not processed outside of the tools mentioned above.


Any changes and updates to this policy will be made inside this document. We recommend visiting this web page regularly to check for updates. We will inform the Users about the changes by publishing them on this privacy policy web page. The changes are in effect immediately after they are published on this web page.