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Install INTEGRA CONTROL mobile app to gain remote access to your INTEGRA alarm system.

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Control your alarm system on the go

You can arm or disarm your INTEGRA alarm system from anywhere in the world, or simply check its current arming status.

Smart home at hand

Use INTEGRA CONTROL to run connected devices or entire home automation scenarios. Just one tap on your phone is enough, you don’t have to move an inch.

In full awareness

Open the app to check the current status of the system, connected devices, or browse the event log.
  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Everything

is at your fingertips
INTEGRA CONTROL. Your everyday assistant in leading a secure, comfortable and eco-friendly life.

Compatible with your voice

Ask Google Assistant or Siri to help you control your INTEGRA system.

Control room temperature

Monitor current room temperature and adjust it on the go.

Manage your home security wherever you are

Whenever something happens that requires you to change the arming status of your system, you can do it quickly and easily in the app.

Run multiple commands with one tap

INTEGRA CONTROL supports even the most complex scenarios. Simply tap the selected scenario icon to start a chain of commands.

Easily control connected devices

Every device connected to your INTEGRA system can be easily commanded through the app. Turn on lamps, radiators, air conditioners, sprinklers, and more.

Use shortcuts for quicker access

Create shortcuts to selected functions, then run them without having to open the app.

Keeping you updated

If the system detects something that requires your immediate attention, you'll receive a PUSH message even with your phone muted.

Keep an eye on everything

Access the camera feed from IP cameras at your home directly in the app.

Keeping good time

You can create personal schedules for every device in the system, and link their operation with current time of day or week.

Divide and rule

If your alarm system is divided into partitions, you can freely manage each of them separately.

Unlock with your fingerprint

Make your app even more secure. INTEGRA CONTROL supports biometrics.

Check what's been going on

You can preview all events logged by the system directly in the app.

Personalize your notifications

Decide what the app should keep you informed about with PUSH messages.

Keypad in your smartphone

Access the virtual keypad directly in the app. This keypad works the same as your regular keypad on the wall.


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Q: How to connect the app to the control panel?
A: Open the app, click "+" to add a new control panel, then lick on the QR code icon. You can use your camera to scan the code or upload the file containing the code. To get the QR code, ask the installer supervising your alarm system, or ask an user with already connected app to generate the code for you.
Q: How to add an IP camera in the app?
A: You can add an IP camera in the control panel settings. Click "Edit" to access details, then choose "Cameras". Click "+", then choose how you want to connect your new camera. You can either manually fill in the required details, or scan a QR code with an already configured connection. If your IP cameras are on the same Wi-Fi network that your phone, choose "Discover" to automatically detect and configure connection.
Q: Does my control panel need to be connected to the Internet so I can use the app?
A: Yes, Internet connection is required for INTEGRA CONTROL to connect to the control panel. Moreover, your control panel needs to be equipped with a properly configured communication module, dedicated for INTEGRA-series control panels. If you're not sure whether your alarm system is
Q: Does my control panel require a cable Internet connection to work with the mobile app?
A: No. You can use a wireless Internet connection, including cellular data transmission. This allows you to supervise alarm systems at remote sites, with limited access to Internet infrastructure. The type of Internet connection used by your control panel depends on its communication module, used to establish network access. If you're uncertain what type of communication module you own, ask your Installer to check this for you.
Q: Why do I see the "Device busy" message?
A: To maximize the security of the system, only one user can be connected to the control panel at once. If you see this message, most probably another user is currently connected with the alarm system. Please wait a moment and try again.

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