Bi-directional remote control keyfob

The APT-200 keyfob enables remote control of the alarm system or building automation devices. It is designed to work as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system.

The device is provided with 5 backlit buttons that make it possible to use up to 6 functions.

Acknowledgement of the command received by the controller is indicated audibly and visually. The remote control has a piezoelectric transducer for sound signaling and 3 LEDs to which individual functions can be assigned to inform you about the state of the system.

The APT-200 firmware can be updated remotely. In the ABAX 2 system, communication is AES encrypted.

The keyfob is powered by a CR2032 3 V battery and has low battery indication.

  • configuration of button functions (up to 6 functions)
  • optical and acoustic acknowledgement of commands received by the controller
  • backlit buttons
  • compatible with:
    • ABAX 2 system controllers (ACU-220 and ACU-280) and ARU-200 radio signal repeater
    • ABAX system controllers (ACU-120, ACU-270, ACU-250 and ACU-100 (min. version 4.04), INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel and ARU-100 radio signal repeater - the required version of the device firmware should be checked in its description on the website
  • range of radio communication in the open area:
    • in ABAX 2: up to 1200 m (with ACU-220) / up to 600 m (with ACU-280)
    • in ABAX: up to 150 m
  • remote firmware update
  • power supply: CR2032 3 V battery
  • optional replacement of the standard button pad with GKX-1 (having colored pictograms)
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