SATEL Injection Moulding Department offers a wide range of different services
We process the following materials:
PC, PS, ABS, SAN, PP, PE, PA, PBT, including glass fibre reinforced plastics up to 50%.

Two-component injection moulding

Two-component injection moulding is an advanced plastic processing technology used to manufacture complex parts from two different types of plastics in a single process. For example: parts with a gasket function, which are a combination of hard plastic and thermoelastomer. It is just one example of the most frequently made two-component combination.


SINGLE ATT (Alternating Temperature Technology) is used to introduce temperature changes with a difference of more than 100°C. As the system fills moulds alternately with warm and cold thermal fluids, it can actively heat or cool processes in defined alternation.

The alternating temperature control of the tool provides a number of benefits in the production of moulds, for example improves mould surfaces and strength as well as increases the economic efficiency of the process.
  • maintains pressure for longer (also in areas remote from the pouring point) and reduces the need for injection pressure and clamping force
  • supports the creation of surface effects, e.g. self-cleaning or anti-glare finish, helps shape the micro- and nano-structure of the moulds and creates particularly smooth, high-quality gloss surfaces with a piano lacquer appearance
  • ensures a more homogeneous arrangement of the glass fibres in technical parts
  • extends the time of the molten material front surfaces welding and reduces the number of weld seam marks on the surface of injection moulded parts
  • reduces the risk of warping due to shrinkage, thus improving dimensional accuracy and consistency of injection parameters
  • reduces cycle time

Insert moulding and overmoulding

The insert moulding technology makes it possible to achieve a strong and secure plastic-metal bond. The use of inserts – e.g. threaded bushings – improves the functional properties of moulded parts, thus increasing their mechanical resistance and durability.

Our Injection Moulding Department uses an automated production cell, equipped with a vibrating insert feeder and a multi-axis robot. This allows the production of even the most complex elements.

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