SATEL at the SicherheitsExpo 2022 in Munich

This year’s edition of the SicherheitsExpo has concluded. This event turned out to be an excellent opportunity to showcase the wide range of SATEL flagship products.

Once again, we could employ our modular expo stand to present the SATEL offer. The stand’s ability to fit it into any shape or size of an expo spot allows us to use it on different trade fairs – our stand often travels between continents. Its universality is equal only to its outstanding design that brings entire crowds of enticed guests to the stand.

What products could be seen in Munich? What functions were praised by installers and end-users alike?

  • SLIM LINE detectors with their modern design and wide range of optional features. The LUNA detector was especially interesting, as it can act as an emergency light or just turn its LEDs on to subtly illuminate the room whenever motion is detected.
  • PERFECTA, VERSA and INTEGRA intruder alarm systems, and the complexity and ease of expansion they offer. We’ve noticed that the clients were especially interested in the INTEGRA series for its support of building automation functions and KNX-standard devices.
  • ABAX 2 two-way wireless system that lets installers and end-user build their ideal intruder system, both function- and visual-wise (for example, you can pick the colour of the magnetic contact to fit your window frames). Among other crucial features of the ABAX 2 devices are their outstanding range of radio communication (up to 2 000 m!) and long battery-life (up to 8 years!).
  • CSP fire alarm system that is quick to install. The system quickly and reliably notifies selected users about occurring events logged.

Still, we’re already planning on what to showcase on the upcoming trade fairs. We deeply believe that the customers visiting our stands worldwide, both private and business, can find the solutions suiting their needs and expectations.

Our special thanks go to the many guests that have visited our stand during the SicherheitsExpo in Munich, and with whom we’ve had the pleasure to hold many inspiring conversations. We hope these talks will eventually result in many opportunities for business cooperation.

See you next year, Munich!




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