Under the Spanish sun. SATEL trained installers at MundiCam

The last week was marked for us by the intensive training course conducted by our technical specialists. The training was organized by MundiCam for the Spanish installers, many of them their regular clients.

The training course explained in detail how to program the INTEGRA, VERSA, and PERFECTA intruder alarm control panels. Besides this, the participants had the opportunity to learn how to properly program the ABAX 2 two-way wireless system.

The participants have shown us real resolve and eagerness to master the SATEL solutions. We were more than glad to meet people with such open minds, and ability to engage in compelling discussions. This week’s training course will surely sprout many interesting, as well as professional, security systems back in Spain.

Note that you can, too, learn how to install SATEL security systems. Watch our webinars and the e-Academy series.




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