PIR motion detector with pet immunity up to 20 kg

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This is where highly efficient motion detection meets elegant design suitable for all interiors. Choose from a wide range of devices to perfectly match your needs. The SLIM LINE family consists of different PIR and dual-tech models with additional features: lighting, active IR anti-masking, and PET immunity.


The elegant, slim enclosure is made of high quality plastic. The unified appearance of all the detectors makes it difficult for intruders to identify a specific model, and unifies the appearance of all motion detection devices.

Reliable motion detection

Unique lens

SLIM LINE detectors are equipped with dedicated lens, designed and manufactured in Japan for SATEL. Thanks to these lenses, the detection area can cover up to 20 m x 24 m, with a 90° viewing angle.


20 m x 24 m
coverage area

90° viewing angle

The shape of the lens, alongside the materials used for production, make it extremely resistant to any deformations.

Reliable operation

The advanced next-generation motion detection algorithm guarantees reliable recognition of moving intruder throughout the whole surveillance area, without triggering unwanted alarms.

Dynamic adaptation of the algorithm to ambient temperature changes improves operational stability of the detectors.

Quick lens replacement

The lenses in all the models* can be quickly and easily replaced, allowing the SLIM LINE detectors to perfectly adapt to site features. Wide angle (WD) lenses are the standard fitting, but curtain (CT) and long range (LR) lenses are also available.

Resistance to animal movement

PET models are resistant to the movement of animals weighing up to 20 kg. Therefore, these models successfully monitor rooms with small pets present, without triggering unwanted alarms.

DUAL - two detection paths:
PIR and MW

Dual technology detectors are equipped with a microwave sensor (MW), in addition to an infrared sensor (PIR). This significantly increases their resistance to unwanted alarms, caused by sudden temperature changes in protected areas, or air movement within their detection area.

Creep zone protection

The integrated swivel mirror in the LUNA* and PRO models enables effective observation of the area directly below the detectors – the so-called creep zone.
* except for PET detectors

Cover attempt signalling

The PRO models feature an active anti-masking function using infrared radiation. Any attempts to disable the devices by covering the lenses (for example by tape, paint, or clear varnish) will be signalled.

Meet the SLIM LINE detectors

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Easy and quick installation


Practical enclosure opening/closing mechanism

You can simply open the enclosure with a flat tip screwdriver.
No tools are required to close it.


Plug-in terminal block

The LUNA and PRO models come with a plug-in terminal block. When removing the electronics board, wires don't have to be unscrewed. This allows to quickly replace a detector model with another.


Built-in EOL resistors

All of SLIM LINE detectors have built-in EOL resistors (1.1 kΩ), for operating with SATEL alarm control panels. The LUNA and PRO models are additionally equipped with resistors (4.7 kΩ and 5.6 kΩ) for faster installation in systems with other control panels.


Adjustable wall and ceiling mounting bracket

The SLIM LINE detectors are designed to be mounted directly on a flat surface. If the detector needs to be mounted at a different angle in order to optimally adapt the protected area to the room, BRACKET D can be used. This way the detector angle can be adjusted in two planes: up to 35° vertically and up to 90° horizontally. To comply with the EN 50131 requirements for Grade 3, the PRO model bracket is equipped with a tamper switch.


Additional light source

The LUNA models feature specially built-in white LEDs. This allows the detectors to serve as motion responsive corridor lighting, especially during power outages. The lighting function can be controlled remotely or for a specified time when motion is detected.

Two sensitivity levels

Detection sensitivity of the LUNA models can be set remotely. This allows to change motion detection settings, and to adjust the detectors’ parameters depending on the partition they supervise. While the partition is not armed, the LUNA lighting can be switched on in response to the slightest movement. When the partition is armed, the detector can use settings appropriate to eliminate triggering of unwanted alarms.

Honourable mention in the "Good Design" 2020 competition!

The SLIM-PIR-LUNA detector received an honourable mention in the “Good Design” 2020 competition in the “Modern Technology” category.

Remote configuration

A very useful feature for installers, featured in the LUNA and PRO models, is the ability to remotely change the detectors operating parameters using the OPT-1 keyfob. This way the settings (including sensor sensitivity, operating mode, indicator light or LED lighting manner) can be changed easily, without actually opening the enclosure.

One indicator - many colours

SLIM LINE detectors offer a wide choice of LED indicator colours. Depending on the model, you can choose from four or seven colours.
If required, the indicator can be switched off.

Technical data

Comparison table

compliance with EN 50131 Grade 2
compliance with EN 50131 Grade 3
configuring operating parameters: potentiometers
configuring operating parameters: buttons and keyfob
end-of-line resistors - 1.1 kΩ
end-of-line resistors - 4.7 kΩ, 5.6 kΩ
plug-in terminal block
electronics board protecting cover
number of available LED indicator colours4477744777
active IR anti-masking
creep zone protection
built-in LED lighting
pet immunity function


coverage area
with WD lens (standard)
coverage area
with LR lens
coverage area
with CT lens
SLIM-PIR15 m x 20 m, 90°25 m x 3,6 m16 m x 2 m
SLIM-PIR-PET12 m x 13 m, 90°N/A
SLIM-PIR-LUNA20 m x 24 m, 90°30 m x 3,6 m22 m x 2 m
SLIM-PIR-LUNA-PET12 m x 13 m, 90°N/A
SLIM-PIR-PRO20 m x 24 m, 90°30 m x 3,6 m22 m x 2 m
SLIM-DUAL15 m x 20 m, 90°20 m x 3,6 m16 m x 2 m
SLIM-DUAL-PET12 m x 13 m, 90°N/A
SLIM-DUAL-LUNA20 m x 24 m, 90°28 m x 3,6 m22 m x 2 m
SLIM-DUAL-LUNA-PET12 m x 13 m, 90°N/A
SLIM-DUAL-PRO20 m x 24 m, 90°28 m x 3,6 m22 m x 2 m

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