TCP/IP communication module

Meet the successor of ETHM-1!


ETHM-1 Plus

Ethernet communication module



The ETHM-1 module offers the possibility of utilising TCP/IP communication in INTEGRA and VERSA control panels. It facilitates TCP/IP monitoring and remote programming of control panels via the INTERNET. Additionally, the ETHM-1 module, in combination with INTEGRA control panels, offers the functionality of remote system control via the INTERNET by means of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • supported by INTEGRA and VERSA control panels
  • TCP/IP reporting
  • DLOADX remote programming
  • GUARDX remote supervision
  • ability to operate the INTEGRA based system from WWW browser and mobile phone using the INTEGRA CONTROL application
  • encrypted data transmission
  • support for DHCP automatic address configuration
  • open protocol for systems integration via the TCP/IP channel
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