Configuration software for the ACSP addressable fire alarm control panel

The ACSP Soft program allows the configuration and diagnostics of the ACSP fire alarm system based on the ACSP-402 control panel. Configuration of the system is possible once level 3 access to the control panel has been obtained. 

  • compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11
  • possibility to program ACSP-402 control panel and other system devices
  • identification and verification of devices in the system
  • possibility to prepare a setup file for the control panel in advance (off-line)
  • graphic mapping of the system structure
  • editing of names of individual loop devices, zones, inputs and relay outputs
  • editing of the message displayed on the LCD screen during supervision
  • readout of the system events memory
  • alarm memory readout
  • option to export the readouts of the event memory and alarm memory to a CSV file
  • direct connection to a computer via a control panel USB port
  • option to generate system test reports
  • option to export the setup information to a file, e.g. PDF
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