Addressable remote indicator

The WZ-400 indicator is used to indicate the selected events in the fire alarm system by LEDs. The events may involve:

  • a single detector / a single side line module:
    • alarm triggered by detector / module
    • faulty detector / module
    • disabled detector / module
  • zones:
    • alarm in zone
    • faulty device in zone
    • disabled device in zone
  • groups:
    • activation of group sounders
    • faulty device in group
    • disabled device in group

The indicator is designed to operate in the detection line of the ACSP-402 addressable fire alarm control panel.

  • optical signaling by LEDs
  • signaling controlled by the control panel:
    • capability to link the indicator with a single detector, a single side line module, zone or group
    • selection of events to be indicated
  • double-sided short-circuit isolator
  • powered from the detection line
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