Remote Access System for STAM-2 Monitoring Station



STAM-VIEW is an extension of the STAM-2 system – it allows for remote viewing of events coming from selected station subscribers.
With this solution, monitoring companies can supplement their offer with an option of real-time access to transmitted information, including event history. System users, who own the monitored sites, can remotely check the system status – at any time.

STAM-VIEW features

expansion for the monitoring station system which enables remote event browsing

access via web browser

remote verification of the system status

easy testing at system start-up and during periodic maintenance

effective protection against unauthorised access to data

filtering of events recorded by the station

text messaging system for easy internal communication

handy backup functions

hierarchical configuration of system user accounts

STAM-VIEW advantages

For monitoring stations:

  • no need to inform customers by phone about upcoming events
  • company offer can be supplemented with the option of real-time access to transmitted information, including event history
With the hierarchical configuration of STAM-VIEW accounts, it is easier to securely assign privileges to all system users – administrators, installers and end users. The system provides a number of tools:
  • filtering
  • direct internal messages between users
  • status and data reviews (depending on the level of authorisation), which greatly facilitates the routine work of industry professionals and makes the services provided by monitoring companies more attractive.

For installers:

  • easy testing of the system at start-up
  • easier and better periodic system maintenance procedures
  • effective definition of authorisation level of individual users of the system: administrators, installers and end users
The STAM-VIEW system allows the installers to significantly streamline the connectivity testing process; they can not only verify the correct configuration of the transmission paths during installation, but also more efficiently perform periodic maintenance of intruder alarm systems.

For users:

  • remote check of the system status from a web browser on a computer or mobile device
  • feeling of control and safety

STAM-VIEW in everyday life

See how STAM-VIEW can help you in your everyday life!

STAM-VIEW in everyday life

See how STAM-VIEW can help you in your everyday life!


In order to fully test the functionality of STAM-VIEW, simply install the demo version connected to a showcase STAM-2 server. With the configuration of the demo version you can test the capabilities of both the STAM-2 monitoring station and the VERSA IP control panel, using the VERSA CONTROL mobile app.

Start-up, configuration and operation of STAM-2:

Download and install the demo version of the STAM-2 client
Start the program and log in using the settings below:


Port: 3000

Login: satel1, satel2,… satel10
Password: satel1, satel2,… satel10
Enable the event history, where you can observe events incoming from facilities to the station.
When you receive an alarm or trouble event, or incorrect standby status, take the actions predefined by the system administrator.

Testing extended application functionalities

Practically any control panel can effectively report events to the system – via a switched channel or using the ETHM or GPRS modules, dedicated for the STAM servers.

Coordinates for STAM cards:
Card with address 0 – phone STAM-1P, phone +48 58 320 94 16
Card with address 1 – Ethernet STAM-1RE, IP:
Advanced port: 12345, key: satel
Advanced port: 54321, key: edbca

Launching STAM-VIEW

Type into your web browser.

In the login window, enter the following details:
User name: Administrator
Password: satel

After logging in you can add your own user and assign a list of facilities and sites they should have access to.

Remote control of the VERSA IP control panel with VERSA CONTROL mobile app

Run the app on your mobile device. In the “Add new device” window, scan the QR code (QR code security is 0000), or enter the following info:

MAC: 00 1B 9C 0C 10 38

ID: 4EA9046140462838

Password: 1111

After logging in, you can arm or disarm the system, bypass zones, control outputs, check troubles and view event history.

STAM-VIEW installation

If you want to expand a monitoring station with STAM-VIEW, you need to prepare a computer operating as a server – on which the proper software can be installed.

In order to simplify the required system setup and ensure maximum data security, STAM-VIEW is distributed as a virtual machine based on VMware technology.
No specialist IT knowledge is required to set up and run the system – a detailed manual guides you step-by-step through the entire installation process.


STAM-VIEW features safety measures, protecting the system and data against unauthorised access, while granting users constant access to services.

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