Integrated monitoring receiver with micro server

STAM-IRS is a STAM-2 monitoring station system, designed to work as the station's server. It supports up to 17 event receivers: 14 telephone or Ethernet receiver cards installed in PCI slots and 3 GSM modules connected to COM ports. STAM-IRS has a built-in PC micro-server with INTEL ATOM processor and is provided with two fast long-life SSD drives. The device comes with a small-size 7" TFT LCD display for local management of the server. If required, it can also be connected to any monitor provided with a DVI connector.

The STAM-IRS system has its own 13.8 V DC, 7 A buffer power supply unit, which can be connected as 12 V external battery backup. The power supply is provided with overload and short-circuit protection. Its rack 19" housing enables it to be mounted in server and telecommunication rack cabinets.

STAM-IRS comes with the Embedded version of Windows 7 operating system, which is installed and properly configured with the STAM-2 Client program. At the time of purchase, you must select the receiver base card to be included in the delivery set: STAM-1 P telephone receiver or STAM-1 PE Ethernet receiver.

  • support for up to 14+2 receivers: telephone line receivers, TCP/IP receivers and GSM modules
  • built-in INTEL ATOM based micro server with SSD storage
  • 7” TFT LCD for easy local server management
  • built-in backup power supply with support for external backup battery
  • 19” Server type enclosure for installation in industry standard rack cabinets
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