Mobile app for remote control of VERSA alarm system

The VERSA CONTROL application enables remote management of the alarm system based on the VERSA and VERSA Plus control panels, which are designed to protect small and medium-size premises, e.g. apartments. Functionality of the application makes it a handy tool for checking the system status, including zones and outputs, as well as for viewing the current troubles and all system events. The VERSA CONTROL application also offers the notification function using PUSH messages. Because this service runs in the background, the recipient is notified in real time.

Also the way of connecting to the control panel is innovative in the case of VERSA CONTROL application. It is extremely simple, since it does not require knowledge of the IP address and port of the control panel, but only the MAC address of the integrated ETHM module (VERSA Plus) or of the ETHM-1 Plus module, which is connected to the control panel (VERSA 5/10/15), and the panel ID, which can be quickly and easily read on the keypad at the user level. This eliminates the need to configure network settings in the premises devices.

Program features

  • control of VERSA/VERSA Plus alarm system:
    • arming and disarming
    • checking system status
    • checking zone status
    • checking output status
    • viewing current troubles
    • viewing all system events with filtering capability
  • PUSH notification with individual configuration capability
  • quick and easy configuration
  • secure, encrypted communication with the system due to connection setup service
  • intuitive user interface
  • capability to define personalized profiles



Hardware requirements



  • in versions: 1.2.26 for Android and 1.4.8 for iOS:
    • export of control panel’s data through QR code
    • ability to show video from IP camera – new devices can be added: manually, through search in local network, through migration of camera details via QR code
      Attention! Quality of presented video from IP camera is dependent on network’s connection throughput used by both: IP camera and smartphone with mobile application.
  • in versions: 1.1.18 for Android, for Windows Mobile and 1.3.59 for iOS:
    • new material design introduced
    • improved stability of the application
    • better communication with VERSA Plus control panels (from v1.06.) - faster connection
    • optional backup of control panel settings - the data file is encrypted and protected with a password given by the user
    • enhanced feature of event notifications introduced (displayed information is similar to that in the event list in the application)
    • option to use the mode of arming with entry delay, but without exit delay



  • VERSA CONTROL application uses the access to smartphone’s camera only for QR code scanning.
  • The user data stored in QR code is not presented in clear. The QR code is protected by a user-defined password.
  • On top of that VERSA CONTROL application is not: collecting, processing and storing any other user data, which potentially can be available on the user’s smartphone.
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