Trichloromethane based narcotic gas detector

DG-1 TCM is a microprocessor-based detector of narcotic gases (e.g. trichloromethane vapors). It is recommended that you install it e.g. in bedrooms, watchman's lodges, security quarters, i.e. in places where the burglars may try to use narcotic gas to put the occupants to sleep before committing a burglary. Due to the nature of narcotic gases, which are heavier than air, the detector should be installed low, just above the floor of the supervised room. The digital algorithm of gas detection and the temperature compensation feature ensure correct operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures as well as immunity to false alarms. The device detects that certain level of narcotic gas concentration in the room has been exceeded, and triggers an alarm. With the built-in buzzer and blue LED, the DG-1 TCM detector can operate as a standalone detection/alarm device, but it is also designed to work as part of the alarm system. Owing to the self-diagnostics function, the supply voltage status and correct performance of the gas sensor are being constantly monitored, which ensures reliable operation of the detector.

  • digital signal analysis
  • optical and acoustical indication of threshold concentration detection
  • low current consumption
  • full autodiagnostics
  • blue LED indicator


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