Intelligent Security Systems – training jointly conducted by SATEL and Webex in Sakartwelo (Georgia)

Last week, together with our distributor – WEBEX Ltd. we conducted training on intelligent security systems.

This event drew the attention of not only installers but also other specialists from the fields of alarm systems, building automation, CCTV monitoring, access control, and fire safety systems among various industries – from installation companies to banks and security agencies.

On the first day, participants attended a presentation by Vladyslav Markichev, our Area Manager, and Webex CEO, Zurab Zurabashvili. The presentation focused on our latest solutions: INTEGRA, ABAX2, SLIM LINE, and PERFECTA 64 M, reflecting the up-to-date industry innovations.

On the second and third day, our specialist from the Technical Department, Oleksandr Kamyshanskyi, conducted intensive training on programming the intelligent INTEGRA system. Participants gained practical knowledge on how to configure both alarm system and smart home solutions.

Upon completing the training, participants who passed the test received a prestigious partner certificate. Furthermore, the most engaged and active participants were rewarded with special gifts from WEBEX.

We thank all the participants for taking such active part in the training. We are happy to create together a space for innovative security solutions, contributing to the development of the industry and its professionals.