Ciao a tutti! Hosting the representatives of the Italian security market at SATEL HQ

The meeting we’d been waiting for a long time. The past 3 days we had the pleasure to host the representatives of our Italian distribution network firms alongside the SATEL ITALIA team.
Despite autumn slowly setting in the northern region of Europe, it has not discouraged our Italian guests from visiting SATEL HQ in Gdansk, Poland. Here, our Team presented the recently released SATEL products, alongside these not yet revealed to the installer community.
What we wanted to highlight during this meeting, however, was over the 30-years history of SATEL. The guests toured the headquarters, and could observe the production process.
This encounter turned out to be an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge about the security industry, and share our experience.

We hardly ever have the opportunity to have such an engaging experience, being able to slow down and discuss our work is a unique opportunity for growth. The guests felt welcomed and noticed how SATEL had prepared the visit down to the last detail. The animated film about the company history was well worth the applause it received from us.

said Antonella Renaldi, CEO of SATEL Italia.
Before visiting SATEL headquarters, our team invited the guests to Brovarnia, which is the oldest, still functional, brewery in Gdansk. The next Thursday ended with a business dinner at the Vidokova Restaurant, located in the Museum of the Second World War. On the last day, the team toured Gdansk and its charming streets with a local guide.

 Many thanks to our guests for finding time to travel all the way to Poland:

  • AST
  • Commer Gate
  • Digitec Solution
  • DSA Technology
  • Electronic’s Time
  • Eurosicurezza
  • Hesa
  • Pluritek
  • RemaTarlazzi
  • Security Acilia
  • Star System
  • TC Elettronica

We hope the next meeting will take place soon and with the same positive energy. A presto! (Italian: See you soon!).