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Discover new devices working as part of the MICRA system (433 MHz),
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INT-TSI + DAHUA door stations

Intercom widget

Functionality of the video intercom in the keypad.
From now on INT-TSI offers even more!

CONFX hardware configurator

New version now available!

  • Even more useful functions
  • Easier and faster designing
  • New appearance

ABAX 2 + Modbus RTU

Support for open communication protocol

Now you can easily integrate the ACU-220 and ACU-280 controllers
e.g. with automation or data acquisition systems.


KNX modules

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  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day



Universal switch actuator

The KNX-SA41 module is a universal switch actuator, which makes it possible to control electrical devices (lighting, ventilation). The telegrams received from various KNX devices (e.g. sensors) are converted, via the module, into concrete actions, such as switching on/off light or fan.

The KNX-SA41 module has 4 relay outputs. Each of them corresponds to one logical channel.


  • communication with KNX bus via integrated bus connector
  • feedback on the state of module and individual channels
  • reaction of each channel can be defined in case of KNX bus voltage loss and recovery
  • reaction of each channel can be defined in case of mains voltage recovery
  • time functions (flashing, on/off delay, staircase light function with advance warning option and operating time change)
  • logic functions (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR)
  • threshold value function
  • safety functions
  • state forcing functions
  • scenes for each of the channels can be called up by using 1- and 8-bit commands
  • manual control of each channel state by using buttons situated on enclosure
  • status LEDs for each channel
  • capability of switching between resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • module configuration using ETS software
  • suitable for mounting on DIN rail (35 mm)
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Other certificates
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Technical Data

Enclosure dimensions
70 x 92 x 60 mm
Operating temperature range
Supply voltage
230 V AC
192 g
IP code
Maximum power consumption
5 W
Maximum tightening torque
0.5 N·m
Temperature range for storage / transport
Number of units on DIN rail
Certificate of conformity
nr 324/15896/19
Maximum cross-section of wire
2.5 mm²
KNX bus voltage
20…30 V DC
Current draw from KNX bus
< 10 mA
Rated load current (power), AC1
16 A / 250 V AC
Rated load current (power), AC15
3 A / 120 V 1,5 A / 240 V (B300)
Rated load current (power), AC3
750 W (silnik jednofazowy)
Rated load current (power), DC1
16 A / 24 V DC
Rated load current (power), DC13
0,22 A / 120 V 0,1 A / 250 V (R300)
Wetting current
10 mA
Contact rating
16 A
Maximum switching power, AC1
4 000 VA
Maximum switching frequency at rated load, AC1
600 cykli/h
Maximum switching frequency at no load
3 600 cykli/h
Electrical endurance (number of switching cycles), AC1 (600 cycles/h)
> 10⁵ 16 A / 250 V AC
Electrical endurance (number of switching cycles), DC1 (600 cycles/h)
> 10⁵ 16 A / 24 V AC
Electrical endurance (number of switching cycles), AC3 (I = 3,5 A)
> 2,5 x 10⁵
Electrical endurance (number of switching cycles), AC1 (when loaded with 1000 W incandescent lamps)
> 0,9 x 10⁵
Maximum time of response to telegram
< 20 ms
Maximum number of communication objects
Maximum number of group addresses
Maximum number of associations
Resistive load
3680 W
Capacitive load
16 A, max. 200 µF
Incandescent lamps
3680 W
HV 230V halogen lamps
3680 W
LV halogen lamps (conventional transformer)
2000 VA
LV halogen lamps (electronic transformer)
2500 W
Fluorescent lamps (without compensation)
3680 W
Fluorescent lamps (parallel compensation)
2500 W, 200 µF
Fluorescent lamps (series compensation)
3680 W, 200 µF
Compact fluorescent lamps (without compensation)
3680 W
Compact fluorescent lamps (parallel compensation)
2500 W, 200 µF
High-pressure mercury lamps (without compensation)
3680 W
High-pressure mercury lamps (parallel compensation)
3680 W, 200 µF
Maximum surge current
168 A 20 ms; 800 A 200 µs
Number of relay outputs (4 independent paths, 1 relay per path)

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