Radio remote controller

RE-4K is a four-channel radio remote controller for SATEL's 433 MHz keyfobs. The device makes it possible to remotely control the equipment connected to its relay outputs, including entrance gate, garage door, lighting, as well as alarm control panel.

Data transmission between the transmitter and the receiver is implemented using the KEELOQ dynamic code-hopping technology. Such encryption provides a high degree of security, preventing the keyfob signal from being copied and used by unauthorized parties.

The device is provided with a tamper switch that responds to opening the enclosure, and also offers the functions of keyfob low battery indication, as well as alarm stopping and clearing.

RE-4K is available as part of a set including two four-channel keyfobs. The controller can handle up to 340 such keyfobs.

  • four separate, programmable channels
  • support for up to 340 keyfobs
  • operating range up to 200 m open space
  • remote low battery indication
  • arm/disarm/reset confirmation
  • RS-232 for programming and keyfob management
available while supplies last

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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
Supply voltage
9...16 V DC
Standby mode current consumption
13 mA
Max. current consumption
65 mA
108 g
Operating frequency band
433,05 ÷ 434,79 MHz
SS output
500 mA / 12 V DC