Digital PIR motion detector with 24 V supply

AQUA S is a digital passive infrared detector equipped with a dual element PIR sensor. Owing to the use of digital motion detection algorithm it is characterized by good immunity to interference and false alarms. Interchangeable Fresnel lens and three-step sensitivity control make it possible to adjust the device performance to requirements of the user and the protected premises. The detector has a built-in pre-alarm feature and tamper switch to protect it against opening the enclosure. Because the detector can be powered from a 24 V DC or AC source, it is intended for systems running on 24 V (instead of the standard 12 V) voltage.

The main task of the detector is to detect violations in the protected area. However, it can also be used to implement the building automation functions. When the alarm system is not armed, the detector can control turning on the lights, opening or closing the doors, etc.

  • fully digital detection
  • replaceable Fresnel lens with sealed optics
  • digital temperature compensation
  • pre-alarm feature
  • powered by 24 V AC/DC
  • adjustable mounting bracket included
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