Advanced dual technology digital motion detector

SILVER is an advanced dual technology digital motion detector with dual element PIR sensor and microwave sensor. Its dual-tech design, digital motion detection algorithm and temperature compensation function provide high immunity to false alarms and interference, even in areas where adverse or rapidly changing conditions prevail, e.g. in the vicinity of fireplaces, in boiler rooms, garages, or in places where drafts frequently occur. Independent, smooth control of both sensors makes it possible to perfectly adjust the device performance curve to requirements of the user and the protected premises. Moreover, the detector can operate in two modes of detection: basic, in which an alarm will occur after motion has been simultaneously detected by both sensors, or advanced, in which an alarm will also be triggered after a certain number of violations of the microwave channel, making it possible to detect e.g. an attempt to enter the protected zone by an intruder covered with body heat absorbing material. An important feature of the device is so-called anti-masking: the microwave sensor detects any attempt to mask or cover the detector, which would disturb its proper functioning. The detector has a function of supply voltage level and signal channel status control, tamper protection against enclosure opening, and two-color LED indicating motion detection / alarm. It is also provided with EOL resistors for easy installation and connection to the alarm system. SILVER complies with the EN 50131 requirements for Grade 2.

The main task of the detector is to detect violations in the protected area. However, it can also be used to implement the building automation functions. When the alarm system is not armed, the detector can control turning on the lights, opening or closing the doors, etc.

  • EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • dual technology PIR+MW
  • new generation DSP and analysis algorithm
  • cloaking attempts detection
  • precise LODIFF Fresnel sealed optics
  • digital temperature compensation
  • microwave based antimask feature
  • remotely triggered test mode
  • alarm latch feature
  • adjustable mounting bracket included
  • built-in EOL resistors
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Certyfikat
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