K-3 2E

Magnetic detectors

Magnetic contact detectors belong to the essential devices of perimeter protection. They are used to protect doors, windows, etc., by triggering alarm when they are open. The K-3 2E detector is designed for flush-mounting, i.e. its elements are put in place by screwing their aluminum enclosures into properly prepared holes in wooden or plastic door frame or window frame. K-3 2E consists of two watertight parts: the reed switch (magnetic) sensor and the magnet, whose faces should contact each other. Moving one part away from the other breaks the sensor circuit, which is indicated as a violation. Additionally, the detector is provided with two 1.1 kOhm resistors connected with reed switch in 2EOL configuration. They enable the control panel to detect tamper of the detector by registering changes in resistance of the input line.

K-3 2E is designed to work with any alarm control panel provided with NC inputs as well as to be used in automation system as a control element.

  • insert mounted
  • 2EOL termination 1.1 kOhm
  • sealed aluminium body
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