Acoustic glass-break detector

The INDIGO acoustic glass-break detector is used to protect the premises with a large amount of glazing. It is designed to detect breaking of regular, tempered and laminated glass. The detector analyzes the acoustic signal in two ways – first, for the sound of glass pane impact (low frequency), and then for the sound of breaking glass (high frequency). The alarm is only reported after the two signals are detected. This eliminates signaling such harmless events as, for example, wind knocking tree branches against the window. The detector comes with a smooth control of detection sensitivity, tamper switch and supply voltage control. It is recommended that you use INDIGO TESTER to check the acoustic glass-break detectors for proper operation.

  • designed for plate, laminated and tempered glass
  • advanced dual-path signal analysis
  • autodiagnostic feature
  • trimmer sensitivity adjustment
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