SPLZ-1011 R

Outdoor siren with optical and acoustical signaling (battery back-up)

SPLZ-1011 R is an optical-acoustic siren designed for outdoor installation, provided with super bright LEDs and a piezoelectric transducer. It offers three types of 120 dB intensity modulated tones to choose from. This model is designed to work with a 1.2 Ah, 6 V gel lead-acid battery, which is installed inside the enclosure and serves as a backup power supply. Enclosure of the siren is made of polycarbonate, which ensures high mechanical strength and aesthetic appearance of the device that remains unchanged over time. The device is provided with tamper protection against opening or tearing off the wall, as well as against damping the siren by covering the piezoelectric transducer with PUR foam. The inner shield of galvanized sheet additionally protects the electronics board and transducer against mechanical damage. The electronic circuits are properly weatherproofed, so they are also resistant to the effects of harsh environmental conditions

The SPLZ-1011 optical-acoustic siren is available in two color versions: SPLZ-1011 R (red) and SPLZ-1011 BL (blue).

  • microprocessor contolled
  • acoustical signaling: piezo transducer
  • optical signaling: ultra bright LEDs
  • inner metal shield
  • tamper protection against:
    • damping the siren with acoustical signaling with PUR foam
    • removal from mounting surface
    • lid opening
  • sealed lead acid back up battery included
  • available also in blue (SPLZ-1011 BL)
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