LCD keypad for VERSA panels

The VERSA-LCD-GR keypad is intended for daily operation of the VERSA systems. With the LCD display showing text messages, even advanced functionalities of the alarm control unit are simple and convenient. Its additional advantage are designated function buttons which allow to directly trigger the alarms (PANIC, FIRE and AUX) and quickly enter the selected arm mode (away/stay day/stay night).
The keypad comes in two color versions: VERSA-LCD-BL (blue) and VERSA-LCD-GR (green).

  • easily readable LCD display
  • LED indicators for system and partitions status
  • quick selection of arming modes with designated buttons
  • PANIC, FIRE and MEDICAL hold-down alarms
  • keypad and display backlight
  • built-in buzzer
  • self indication of communication loss
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Certyfikat
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