Control panel

The VERSA IP control panel is designed for protection of small and medium-sized premises. It allows you to create a wired or wireless system, as well as a hybrid one, which combines both these kinds of system. It is compatible with ABAX 2 (ACU-220, ACU-280) and ABAX (ACU-120, ACU-270) wireless systems controllers.

The VERSA IP is the only solution that combines features that were previously only available by using several separate devices. ETHM, INT-VG and INT-AV modules as well PSTN dialer are integrated on its mainboard. As a result, the VERSA IP control panel enables communication via two channels: Ethernet and PSTN, thus ensuring effective transfer of information.

  • EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • 4 programmable wired zones:
    • support for NO and NC type detectors, and roller shutter and vibration detectors
    • support for EOL and 2EOL configuration
  • additional tamper input, NC type
  • 5 programmable wired outputs:
    • 2 high-current outputs
    • 2 low-current outputs, OC type
    • 1 relay output
  • 3 power outputs
  • output for connecting dedicated enclosure-mounted piezoelectric transducer (acoustic signaling)
  • maximum number of programmable zones: 30
  • maximum number of programmable outputs: 12
  • system subdivision into 2 partitions:
    • each zone can be assigned to two partitions
  • system control by means of:
    • LCD or LED keypads
    • VERSA-LCDM-WRL, VERSA-KWRL2 wireless keypads
    • INT-TSG2, INT-TSH2 touchscreen keypads
    • proximity cards
    • remote control keyfobs
  • integrated PSTN module to enable:
    • reporting (SIA, ContactID, etc.)
    • voice messaging (8 numbers, 16 messages)
    • remote programming (300 bps modem) with DLOADX program
  • built-in ETHM module to enable:
    • e-mail messaging
    • control by means of VERSA CONTROL application offering PUSH notifications
    • reporting to monitoring station
    • programming with DLOADX program
  • built-in voice module:
    • nearly 13 minutes for messages to be used in voice menu
    • over 4 minutes for 16 telephone notification messages (with message duration up to 16 seconds)
  • built-in USB-HID socket
  • memory of 2047 events
  • capability to handle 30 users and assign to each of them:
    • code
    • proximity card
    • keyfob
  • 4 timers to enable automatic:
    • arming/disarming partitions
    • control of outputs (turning light ON/OFF, watering garden, etc.)
  • plug-in terminal blocks
  • option of not reporting possible problems with connecting to the SATEL server as a failure
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Certyfikat
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