MTX Soft


The MTX-SOFT has been designed to configure the MTX-300 contraller. Using the program is simple and intuitive, and programming the controller takes very little time. The program offers a diagnostic tool to facilitate the installer's work. It indicates which detector has a low battery level or connectivity issues, and whether its tamper switch has been violated. Advanced functionality of this tool also allows you to check the current level of interference occurring at 433 MHz frequency and to verify the quality and strength of radio connection between the devices.

  • operation in Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 environment
  • configuration of working parameters of MTX-300 controller and MSP-300 sirens
  • diagnostics of the MTX-300 module and registered 433 MHz radio devices (keyfobs, detectors, sirens)
  • communication with the MTX-300 module via SATEL's USB-RS converter
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