GX Soft

Program for configuring GSM-X LTE, GSM-X, GPRS-A LTE and GPRS-A modules

The GX Soft program enables a computer to be used for programming the GSM-X LTE and the GSM-X communication module as well as the GPRS-A LTE, GPRS-A and ETHM-A monitoring modules. The intuitively designed interface makes configuring communication devices fast and easy.

The computer can be connected to the module in two ways:

  • locally, by using appropriate cables: mini-USB for GSM-X LTE, GSM-X and ETHM-A, RS-232 (TTL) for GPRS-A LTE and GPRS-A,
  • remotely, by using data transfer via cellular network (or Ethernet, if GSM-X LTE or GSM-X is used with GSM-X-ETH, or ETHM-A), which allows you to configure the modules without having to physically visit the premises.

Thanks to the innovative communication solution using the SATEL secure connection set-up service*, advanced configuration of network settings is not required - the connection with modules via the server is a matter of a few clicks in the GX Soft program.

  • works in the Windows 7/8/10 environment
  • programming modules:
    • GSM-X LTE and GSM-X (also with GSM-X-ETH connected)
    • GPRS-A LTE and GPRS-A
    • ETHM-A
  • module status visualization on computer monitor
  • reading event memory
  • possibility to control module outputs
  • communication with the module:
    • direct connection to the computer
      • through mini-USB port of GSM-X LTE, GSM-X or ETHM-A module
      • through RS-232 (TTL) port of GPRS-A LTE or GPRS-A module
    • remote:
      • via cellular network
      • via Ethernet (GSM-X LTE or GSM-X working with GSM-X-ETH, ETHM-A)

The GSM-X, GSM-X LTE from version 1.04.000 and GPRS-A, GPRS-A LTE from version 1.04.000 and 2.00.000 work with the GX Soft program in version 2.0.0 or higher only.

*estimated access to the service: 98% of the time per year

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