ABAX 2 Soft

Configuration and diagnostic program for ABAX 2 devices

The ABAX 2 Soft program is designed to configure the ABAX 2 wireless system based on the ACU-220, controller when it works as a universal wireless module.

ABAX 2 Soft is also used for advanced ABAX 2 system diagnostics - it enables, for example, verification of the radio signal level and the state of devices enrolled into the ACU-220 and ACU-280 controllers.

  • work in the Windows 7/8/10 environment
  • programming of the ABAX 2 wireless system (with ACU-220 working as a universal module of wireless devices)
  • ABAX 2 system diagnostics - the ACU-220 and ACU-280 controllers supported
  • visualization of the radio signal level
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