Control Panel Firmware Updating Program

  • main board firmware update
  • most up-to-date functionality of control panel by regular updates
  • on-site upgradeable via RS-232


The program enables writing to the control panel the firmware in a version corresponding to the FLASHX version number. Use the firmware appropriate for the given control panel model:

  • INTEGRA 24 Firmware
  • INTEGRA 32 Firmware
  • INTEGRA 64 Firmware
  • INTEGRA 64 Plus Firmware
  • INTEGRA 128 Firmware
  • INTEGRA 128-WRL Firmware
  • INTEGRA 128 Plus Firmware
  • INTEGRA 256 Plus Firmware



Since version 1.08, firmware update may be performed only to the same language version. An attempt of using improper language version of the upgrade may render the panel unusable.

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