MICRA wireless system module for the PERFECTA 64 M control panel

The PERFECTA-RF module is an optional element of the PERFECTA 64 M alarm control panel. It is designed to expand the alarm system with MICRA wireless devices. Additionally, it enables the users to control the alarm system using MICRA keyfobs.

  • compatible with the PERFECTA 64 M control panel
    • direct connection to an interface on the control panel board
  • support for the MICRA system radio devices
    • up to 64 detectors
    • up to 4 sirens
    • up to 4 keypads
    • up to 62 keyfobs
  • encrypted radio communication at the 433 MHz frequency band
  • two-way communication with wireless keypads and sirens
  • up to 6 control functions available from the keyfob
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