433 MHz keyfob receiver expansion module

433MHz keyfob receiver permits the use of remote control keyfobs to control the alarm system. It makes the control of a home alarm system as simple as the control of a car alarm.

  • enables the use of 433 MHz remote control keyfobs with INTEGRA, VERSA, PERFECTA 16, PERFECTA 32, PERFECTA 32 LTE, PERFECTA-IP 32PERFECTA-T 32, PERFECTA 64 M alarm control panels and ACCO NET access system
  • full remote control user identification
  • flexible assignment of functions to keyfobs’ buttons
  • compatible with: P-2, P-4, T-1, T-2, T-4, MPT-300 and MPT-350, MPB-300
  • small enclosure facilitates installation in a suitable place
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