Alarm control panel

The PERFECTA-IP alarm control panels are designed to protect small and medium-sized premises such as apartments, single-family houses, segments in terraced houses, offices, small businesses etc. They provide protection as required by EN 50131 for Grade 2. The control panels are characterized by simple configuration as well as easy and intuitive operation using keyfobs. The alarm system can also be controlled remotely using the PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application and MPT-350 keyfobs.

The control panel makes it possible to create wired and wireless (433 MHz frequency band) systems. Radio transmissions can be bidirectional (with wireless PRF-LCD-WRL keypads and MSP-300 R sirens) or unidirectional (with MICRA series detectors and MPT-350 keyfobs). Wireless communication allows for easy expansion of the existing system, without having to lay additional cable runs.

An Ethernet communicator is used in the PERFECTA-IP 32-WRL model. It allows you to use the mobile application, remote system configuration from the PERFECTA Soft program and event reporting (e.g. to a security agency monitoring station).

The control panel electronics board is provided with 8 hardwired zones and 4 hardwired outputs. Their number can be increased by connecting the INT-E zone expansion modules and INT-O or INT-ORS output expansion modules . This makes expansion of the system possible by adding more detectors, sirens or actuators (to control the garage door, roller shutters/blinds, garden sprinklers ).

The control panel enables the system to be divided into two partitions with three arming modes (day, night, full) to select from. Each zone can be assigned to one or both supervised areas.

The system can be configured in two ways: from a computer with PERFECTA Soft program installed (locally - connection via RS-232 (TTL) port, remotely - using data transmission over Ethernet), as well as from a keypad.

  • compliance with EN 50131 Grade 2
  • from 8 to 32 programmable hardwired zones:
    • configuration options: NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC
    • support for roller shutter and vibration detectors
  • from 4 to 12 programmable hardwired outputs
  • 2 power outputs on the mainboard
  • additional 4 wireless outputs for operating MSP-300 wireless sirens
  • built-in modules:
    • Ethernet module (reporting to monitoring station, mobile application, PUSH notifications)
    • 433 MHz radio module
  • support for encrypted wireless communication:
    • bidirectional with PRF-LCD-WRL keypads and MSP-300 R sirens
    • unidirectional with MICRA family detectors and MPT-350 keyfobs
  • system division into 2 partitions:
    • 3 arming modes in each partition
    • option to assign a zone to two partitions
    • user-controlled or timer- controlled
  • communication bus for connecting keypads (PRF-LCD), expansion modules (INT-E, INT-O, INT-ORS)
  • system control using:
    • PRF-LCD keypads (up to 4)
    • PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application
    • MPT-350 keyfobs (up to 15)
  • firmware updates available
  • passwords:
    • 15 user codes
    • 1 service code
  • editable names (of users, partitions, zones, outputs and modules) for easy control and supervision of the system
  • 8 timers with exceptions setting capability
  • memory of 3584 events
  • automatic diagnostics of the system main components
  • built-in switch-mode power supply:
    • over-current protection
    • battery deep discharge protection
    • battery charging current control
  • programming control panel settings:
    • locally ‒ keypad or computer with PERFECTA Soft program installed, connected to the control panel RS-232 (TTL) port
    • remotely ‒ computer with PERFECTA Soft program installed, connecting to the control panel via Ethernet
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Certyfikat
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