Wireless smoke detector

The device detects early signs of fire. MSD-350 can operate in autonomous mode, in accordance with the guidelines of EN 14604, or as part of the 433 MHz wireless system. It is compatible with the PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL LTE, PERFECTA-IP 32-WRL, PERFECTA-T 32-WRL, PERFECTA 64 M (equipped with PERFECTA-RF module) control panels, MICRA alarm module, as well as VERSA-MCU and MTX-300 controllers.

The detector is equipped with a photoelectric visible smoke sensor placed in a special measuring chamber, whose unique design ensures high sensitivity. The precision Hexamesh stainless steel filter prevents particles of dirt and small insects from entering the chamber. The alarm is signaled acoustically and optically. In addition, the detector controls the state of the optical chamber: if it becomes clogged with dust, the LED indicates that maintenance is required.

MSD-350 is powered by a CR123A 3 V battery, whose status is monitored: voltage drop below a preset level is indicated visually and audibly.
The device has tamper protection against opening of the enclosure (when working in the hardwired system).

  • autonomous work in accordance with EN 14604
  • ability to work in the wireless system in the 433 MHz frequency band
  • range of radio communication in the open area: up to 200 m
  • radio signals from a detector can be retransmitted by MRU-300
  • photoelectric sensor of visible smoke
  • acoustic and optical alarm signaling
  • unique Swirl chamber for quicker smoke detection
  • Hexamesh precision stainless steel filter
  • testing function
  • chamber soiling indication
  • low energy consumption and battery status check
  • power supply: CR123A 3 V battery
  • tamper protection against opening of the enclosure
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