Wireless controller

Meet the successor of ACU-250!



ABAX 2 wireless system controller


The ACU-250 is a controller for the ABAX wireless systems designed to work with INTEGRA and VERSA alarm control panels. It offers the capability to expand control panels with the wireless devices of the ABAX family. The settings of the module are programmed via a control panel keypad in service mode or using DLOADX software. The advantage of the ACU-250 module is the compact size of its casing, which makes it easy to install the device in an accessible location.

  • bidirectional communication
  • compatible with INTEGRA and VERSA panels
  • support for up to 48 wireless devices of ABAX or ABAX 2 system (version 4.04 or higher):
    • detectors - ABAX system: AFD-100, AGD-100, AMD-100, AMD-101, AMD-102, AMD-103, APD-100, APMD-150, AOD-200, ARD-100, ASD-100, ASD-110, ATD-100, AVD-100
    • detectors - ABAX 2 system: APD-200, APD-200 Pet, APMD-250, AOD-210, AXD-200, AGD-200, ASD-200
    • sirens - ABAX system: ASP-100 R, ASP-105 R, ASP-205 R
    • sirens - ABAX 2 system: ASP-215 R
    • other - ABAX system: ACX-200, ACX-201, ARF-100, ARU-100, ASW-100 E / ASW-100 F
    • other - ABAX 2 system: ACX-210, ACX-220, ARF-200, ASW-210
  • support for up to 248 keyfobs (depending on the control panel): APT-100, APT-200
  • firmware upgrade without device removal
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