Terminal adapter for ISDN networks

The ISDN-MOD communication module is a device used for connecting the alarm control panel with analog phone communicator to the ISDN line without having to make changes in the configuration of the control panel or monitoring station.

ISDN-MOD can use the same ISDN line as telephones, fax machines, and modems, so there is no need to lay additional wires. Importantly, connections initiated by the control panel can be given higher priority in relation to the rest of the transmission. The module has a control output for the ISDN-SEP separator.

  • interfaces PSTN devices with ISDN network
  • shares ISDN network with other devices (telephones, fax machines, modems)
  • optional priority alarm calls
  • support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint mode configurations
  • external modem functionality for INTEGRA panels
  • RS-232 port for panels upload/download
  • output for optional line separation module
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