Universal multi-purpose GSM/GPRS communication module

GSM-X offers extensive communication functionality and support for multipath communication. The device comes with a cellular phone that supports data transmission using GPRS technology. The module can be used to implement reporting in alarm systems. For this purpose, it should be connected to the dialer or suitably configured outputs of the control panel.

An important feature the communicator offers is the expansion capability by adding the GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module, so that reporting can be implemented through two independent channels (Ethernet and GPRS). Another option to add the GSM-X-PSTN module, in which case the analog PSTN telephone line will be used as an alternative transmission path. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the state of connections with the monitoring station and the substitutability of transmission paths, the stringent requirements of EN 50136 for DP4 category are complied with, regarding the so-called Dual Path Reporting.

GSM-X offers sending notifications to 8 telephone numbers in several ways: by using voice, SMS or PUSH messages, or via the CLIP service.

The module offers extensive compatibility with the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels. When connected to the control panel RS-232 interface, it will perform reporting and messaging (in the case of INTEGRA Plus, the SMS content is based directly on the event log). It also enables remote programming of these control panels from a computer with the DLOADX program and administration of alarm systems using the GUARDX program.

The device can fully replace the analog telephone line, working as a backup communication path. When the line is not available, the module will divert voice calls to the cellular network. In the case of PBX systems, it can be used as an additional external line.

The device has 4 programmable outputs that can be remotely controlled using SMS, CLIP, DTMF, GX CONTROL mobile application, GX Soft configuration software or via IoT. That enables GSM-X to be used for remote control of the alarm system or other connected devices.

For programming and configuration, you should use a computer with the GX Soft program installed. The computer can connect to the module locally (USB port) or remotely (data transmission over GPRS / Ethernet*).

Remote update of the device firmware is possible thanks to GSM-X capability of interacting with the UpServ program.

The built-in GSM telephone has slots for two SIM cards. If any problems occur with the range of the first card operator's network, the module will automatically switch to the other one to maintain uninterrupted communication.

  • Dual Path Reporting support according to EN 50136*/**
  • conversion of telephone reporting into audio (cellular network / PSTN**) / SMS / Ethernet* / GPRS formats
  • sending notifications to max. 8 phone numbers
  • notification: audio/SMS/PUSH/CLIP
  • conversion of PAGER messages into SMS
  • telephone line simulation via GSM - GSM gateway
  • switching to GSM in case of telephone line failure
  • compatibility with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels::
    • fast data transfer through RS-232
    • TCP/IP / PSTN** reporting
    • automatic composition of notification content (INTEGRA Plus)
    • ability to remotely connect to DLOADX and GUARDX programs
  • SMS and CLIP receiver for STAM-2 monitoring station
  • 4 programmable inputs (NO, NC)
  • 4 outputs (OC) controlled by SMS/CLIP/DTMF/GX CONTROL/GX Soft/via IoT
  • IoT - support for the JSON and MQTT open protocols
  • dual SIM card support
  • possibility to check the pre-paid account balance and send notification if it drops below required minimum
  • configuration using GX Soft software:
    • locally via USB
    • remotely via Ethernet* or GPRS
  • interaction with GX CONTROL mobile application
  • remote firmware update capability
  • possibility of connecting a dedicated power supply unit: APS-612, APS-412 or APS-1412
  • expansion capability by adding GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module, or alternatively, the GSM X PSTN telephone module

* when used with GSM-X-ETH

** when used with GSM-X-PSTN

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